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Sorry if this is the dorn sub-forum...I simply wanted come ask if over there is a sector for driftwood(commericaly).I would certainly guess few of you might not have access to big bodies the water, wherein it"s basic to find?I have the right to collect the by the pickup truck full(live 45 minute journey from Lake Michigan), and have considered setup up an digital store. I discover anything from an easy straight sticks, to sophisticated whole root balls and stumps(lots that the latter, as much of the lakeshore is heavily forested.)Anyway..any advice? Prices would be really reasonable..I DID view "florida driftwood" and also was just stunned by the prices...
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I would certainly be cautious.There is a market for all sorts of things, but I would not depend on this only. If girlfriend do, you are not do the efforts to construct a business, you room after a fast $.As for collecting wood by the truck load, there is something ethically questionable around your motives.This is not just how driftwood is brought to the market, and also I"m sure local authorities and environmental bodies would have something come say about it too.

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^ That"s sort of a strange response (no offense, fluffie). I would certainly think that if girlfriend are merely collecting dead driftwood off a beach or riverbank, you would certainly be breaking no laws. There is no legislation I"m familiar with (or even eco-friendly ethic) that states you cannot clean the beaches the junk, whether man-made or natural. I say, have at it.There"s a market for everything. What problem is just how you approach and handle your "transactions."But absolutely don"t go chopping under still-living trees, and ESPECIALLY not mangroves.

If you"re collecting stuff from the wild, carry out you plan to sterilize it before you offer it? will it it is in "pre-waterlogged" therefore it"ll sink when the client receives it? exactly how much time carry out you need to devote come going come the lake come collect much more product? do you have a great enough knowledge of HTML and website breakthrough to build and maintain a website and also electronic store?These room all points you"ll need to think about. If I would certainly agree that yes, over there is a industry for great driftwood, and also yes one online store would more than likely be the best strategy to market for you, I would urge you to think this v a little much more before stepping into it. It may require some investment up front to acquire it running and also may be much more trouble 보다 you can want come put into it. Or perhaps not. Think it over a little is all...That said, anyone loves a good piece of properly put finishes a herbal aquarium out IMO!