After riding a 125cc dirt bike for part time, I thought it to be time come upgrade. Ns planned to gain a 250cc dust bike, and I had an initial to research study its speed. So, how quick does a 250cc dirt bike go?Unsurprising, many 250cc dirt bikes by leading dirt bike brands can hit 70-85mph top top perfect talk conditions. However, a dirt bike prefer the Kawasaki Ninja 250 deserve to hit 100mph. While speak of perfect speak conditions, we are talking about a smooth track and great weather.However, it’s worth noting that components like engine size, bicycle weight, rider’s weight, and also rider’s experience influence the dust bike’s height speed just as much as the talk conditions.So, we room going come look at just how those factors affect the dirt bike’s maximum speed. We’ll additionally look in ~ the various top speeds by the ideal 250cc bikes by top brands.But prior to that, let’s an initial compare a 250cc 2-stroke v a 4-stroke.

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The four-stroke dust bike brags the a staggering 15.64HP horsepower and also a rotation speed of 5500RPM.And if you want a speedier two-stroke engine, it is no trouble has Apollo offers you the Apollo DB-G011. The dirt bike additionally relishes a optimal speed of 70mph ~ above perfect gyeongju conditions.The 5-speed engine enjoys a 17HP horsepower which is an update of the Apollo AGB-36.

2. Honda 250 dust Bike top Speed

Honda has actually a huge name come protect, and they seem to it is in living up to expectation as soon as it concerns their 250cc engines. The Japanese motorcycle brand assures performance and practicality from their 250cc dirt bikes.After digging around, i stumbled ~ above the Honda CRF250X, a legend workhorse v a optimal speed the 70mph.The 4-stroke dirt bike flaunts a an effective liquid-cooled engine, i m sorry is among the most efficient on the market.Sadly, Honda, alongside Suzuki and also Kawasaki, no much longer make two-stroke 250cc dust bikes. So, you’ll need to settle because that a four-stroke option if you space a diehard Honda fan.

3. 250cc dust Bike Yamaha

Yamaha relishes a formidable existence in the dirt bike sector, specifically the course 250cc.One the Yamaha’s hottest and fastest 250cc dirt bikes is the Yamaha WR250R that brags that a optimal speed of 80mph.So, this 4-stroke dust bike is a wonderful choice for dirt racing.Other rapid 250cc four-stroke dust bikes through Yamaha include the Yamaha YZ250F and also the Yamaha WR250F. Both that these dust bikes deserve to hit a height speed that 70mph under favorable speak conditions.Yamaha likewise impresses in the two-stroke sector, provided that the Yamaha Y3250 can clock 60mph.

4. Suzuki 250cc dust Bike Speed

Suzuki also has some speedy and also exceptionally stylish 250cc dirt bikes. The firm also provides cheap 250cc dust bikes.Its 4-stroke pace-setter, the Suzuki RM-Z250, comes with a remarkable optimal speed that 85mph.The excellent dirt cycle is a perfect gambling for any dirt cycle racing contest or adventure.Suzuki no longer makes two-stroke 250cc engines, which is unfortunate.

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5. KTM 250cc dirt Bike Speed

KTM is right now rubbing shoulders with the large players, and it’s nice understandable.After all, who wouldn’t, particularly when your ideal 250 dust bike deserve to hit 78mph? Well, i’m talking around the KTM 250 SX-F, among the newest entrants right into the 250cc KTM dirt bike cycle but the fastest.The 4-stroke dirt bike is an upgrade of the original KTM 250 SX, a two-stroke engine through a top speed of 60mph.While the initial KTM 250 SX was superior in every aspects, its rate was wanting, and also that’s the reason behind KTM 250 SX-F.A optimal speed the 78mph is no bad, either because that dirt racing, commuting, or adventure.

6. Husqvarna 250cc dust Bike Speed

Originally native Sweden, Husqvarna has actually slowly and steadily crawled its way into the dirt bike market. The brand has some the the most stylish and also safest 250cc dirt bikes ~ above the market.But how quick is a 250cc dirt bike through Husqvarna?Their ever-impressive 250cc Husqvarna TC250 has actually a peak speed that 72mph. It is not negative for a two-stroke dirt bike.And when it concerns 4-stroke options, the Husqvarna FC250 is a safe choice given that it has a optimal speed that 43mph. So, it’s typically a great choice for slow-moving riders, especially commuters.

7. Kawasaki 250cc dust Bike Speed

Kawasaki has actually won numerous dirt bike cyclists’ hearts v its delightful, agile, and also resilient dust bikes.The manufacturer has actually arguably the fastest 250cc dirt bike well-known to man, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.Like an actual ninja, this 4-stroke dust bike have the right to hit 100mph under favorable gyeongju conditions.Its 1100RPM rotation speed and 36HP horsepower room unrivaled, making the dirt bike an exceptional buy.Sadly, Kawasaki no much longer makes 2-stroke 250cc dirt bikes, miscellaneous they stopped in 2007. Nonetheless, there is a lengthy list of rapid four-stroke choices for your considerations.

Here’s a simplified table to compare potential speeds by leading brands.

250cc dirt Bike Brand2-Stroke Potential peak Speed4-Stroke Potential top SpeedApollo70mph70mphHonda–70mphYamaha60mph80mphSuzuki–85mphKTM60mph78mphHusqvarna72mph43mphKawasaki–100mph

Factors That affect the peak Speed the 250cc dust Bikes

Overall, these components dictate how quick a 250cc dust bike can go:Dirt bicycle brand – together seen, different dirt bike brands have various top speeds. From our discussion, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is arguably the fastest 4-stroke 250cc dirt bike and also the more quickly overall, when the KTM 250 SX-F is the fastest 2-stroke 250cc option.Engine size – In as far as the engine dimension is concerned, 2-stroke alternatives are generally faster for being lighter. Over there are, however, a couple of exceptions, such together the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.Bike’s weight – You mean a lightweight dust bike come be simple to journey and, therefore, faster. Thus, think about the bike’s overall weight when picking your following 250cc dust racing engine.Tire weight – Generally, lighter tires roll quicker than more heavier ones. So, if the tires of her dirt bike 250cc are heavier, replace them through lighter persons to enhance your as whole speed.Rider’s experience – Expectedly, an proficient biker rides much faster than a newbie. The much more experienced friend are, the far better you balance and maneuver the dust bike.Exhaust system – The material type of your exhaust system influences the bike’s all at once speed. Because that example, replacing a stole exhaust v an aluminum one can improve the speed.Rider’s weight – her weight has actually an influence on the dust bike speed just as lot as the bike’s weight. So, the more heavier you are, the slower you are likely to go.Nature that track – You must expect to ride quicker on paved flat surfaces 보다 on rough roads and also long climbs. So, if you want to journey faster, look because that a smoother track.Weather – bad weather slowly you down as you need to ride cautiously. So, also if you have the speediest dust bike, you cannot reach peak speed when the weather is terrible.

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What Is The finest 250 dust Bike?

Now the we’ve looked at the speediest 250cc dust bikes by top brands, it’s logical to ask which the finest is.I have to clarify, however, the it’s no just around speed. You also have to take into consideration the following:Dirt bicycle sizeTires qualityEngine size and also strengthSuspension typeRider’s endure levelBudgetIn addition to the dirt bikes I’ve spanned above, which i think are the best, likewise consider these two:Apollo 250cc Teen/Adult dirt Bike v a peak speed 60mphRoketa dust Bike 08-250 v a peak speed the 55-60mphRelevant Post:How quick Does A 50cc dirt Bike Go?How rapid Does A 125cc dirt Bike Go?

In Conclusion

We cannot answer ‘how quick does a 250cc dirt bike go?’ there is no comparing height speeds through leading dust bike brands. Now that I have done so, you recognize what to mean from her 250cc dust bike.