Based top top the KOHLER Command PRO® advertisement engine design, the air-cooled, V-time 7000 series will run rings approximately your neighbors. It features a 3 year, limitless hour, restricted warranty.

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PRO performance filtration package boosts air, oil and also fuel filter capacity for extra protectionPressure lubrication expand engine life by keeping critical components fine lubricated Starts hot or cold, even at temperatures listed below freezing, with Smart-Choke™ technologyNo have to choke the engine - starts at any type of throttle positionCleaner cut - Consistent-Cut™ technology maintains engine speed also in challenging mowing conditions





Engine typeFour-cycle, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, upright shaft, gasoline, OHV, with actors iron liner.

*Length is prior of wait cleaner cover to back of blower housing. Broad is next to side. Height is mounting surface ar to grass display screen or air filter.

1 power (hp) and also Torque (ft lbs) specifications because that Kohler general purpose engines space rated pursuant to society of Automotive engineers (SAE) J1940 based on gross output testing performed according to SAE J1995 there is no the wait cleaner and also muffler. Really engine power and also torque are reduced and impacted by accessories (air cleaner, exhaust, charging, cooling, fuel pump, etc.), application, engine speed, ambient operating problems (temperature, humidity and also altitude) and other factors. This J1940 / J1995 rating provides continual measurement to customers who may want to control the intake and also exhaust functions of the engine. For more information, contact Kohler Co. Engine design Department. Kohler Co. Make reservation the right to readjust product specifications, designs and standard tools without an alert and without incurring obligation.

2 inches of H20
Equipment Types

This engine powers the following equipment

Residential Zero rotate MowerResidential talk Mower

Protect your investment.

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Keep her engine to run right.