To convert kN/m2 come kg/m2, main point by approximately 102 seconds squared every meter, i m sorry is 1000/9.8 seconds squared per meter. The conversion of devices of force, such together kilonewtons, to devices of mass, such together kilograms, assumes that the massive is subject to one acceleration, most frequently the acceleration the gravity, which is typically roughly 9.8 meters per second near the earth"s surface. However, the an exact figure have the right to vary slightly v location.

Convert from kilonewtons to newtons by multiply by 1000 Given a beginning unit in kN, or kilonewtons, multiply by 1000 to obtain the corresponding number of newtons. One newton is a kilogram meter per second squared, and a kilonewton is 1000 kilogram meters per 2nd squared.

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Divide the result by 9.8 meters per 2nd squared

According to Newton"s second law, F=ma, which is to say that force is the product of mass and acceleration. This can be algebraically rearranged come m = F/a, or mass equals force divided by acceleration. The an exact acceleration because of gravity varies through latitude, altitude and also local geology.

Double-check the the units make sense

When a newton, or kilogram meter per second squared, is multiply by a second squared per meter, the mutual of acceleration, the seconds and also meters cancel out, and only the kilogram hatchet is left. Because the every square meter quotient that the initial is unchanged, the prize is expressed in the desired units.

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