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I"m functioning on a 04 360 prarie for a buddy, and I can"t acquire it out of limp mode. I"ve excellent the plug swap 10 times at least, and pulled the cover and also made sure the switch to be at the rear, and I can"t gain it out of limp mode, what else could cause it to continue to be in limp mode? The examine belt light keeps flashing, the 2 wires ohm the end so the shouldn"t be the switch.


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thanks for referral Skip, maybe someone can give some information on this, for sure this isn"t the only bike that has actually done this.
I have seen a negative cdi store the belt light on however it wasn"t in limp mode. Possibly a negative wire to the move ground the end somewhere?
I had to clean the carb, it wouldn"t idle and also the inspect belt light blinks and also won"t reset, for this reason i"m presume it needs to be in limp mode. It will certainly idle now and also will rev increase if girlfriend barely lull in the throttle, but any normal throttle movement it will just pop and also miss till you allow it back to idle. When you do the reset the belt and 4x4 irradiate blinks and also at about 7secs or so that blinks choose twice or so and then starts back to the normal blink, i guess speak it need to reset.
Make certain the battery is completely charged! I had one the acted the same. You can do the reset all day to no avail - totally charged battery & that worked 1st time.

Are u making certain your disconnecting the belt switch plug once your crossing the black and also grey plugs. If u not unplug it it will certainly not reset right
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Yes, I"ve trickle charged the batt. End night and it has an excellent voltage and also I have actually been unplugging the belt switch also. I guess he"s going to have to take it come the dealer if nobody have the right to come up with any kind of other solutions.

I had the same problem with my 07, turned out to it is in a bad speed sensor. Take it me forever to number that out since it review fine ~ above the meater yet was toast. Put the brand-new one in, walk the reset and an excellent to go.

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After a long procedure I lastly got my inspect belt irradiate off and also out that limp mode. If everyone is having the worry with the belt light no resetting it might possibly be the same concern as mine. It to be a memory analysis writing worry on 2005 prairie 360.
Can you increase your prize pleaseWhat did you do to deal with this? storage code difficulty ? so what did girlfriend do?
I am going the end of mine mind do the efforts to get the dam belt light to go the end on mine 360 , the is grounding in the limp moud and I have actually tried to reset dozens of time dos any one really have solution ? Or carry out I just set it on fire ?
Hello ns am brand-new here and having challenges getting my examine belt irradiate to reset after having to replace a broken speed sensor.. I have actually tried the reset and to no avail something I can be absent that could cause this
i have a kawasaki prairie 700 atv the i have actually reset the belt light 3 times. After ~ resetting the irradiate goes out and it operation perfectly for around a mile climate the belt light flashes again and also right earlier into limp mode. This is criminal what certified dealer will perform to take her money and time. Criminal !!!!!!
i have a kawasaki prairie 700 atv the i have actually reset the belt light 3 times. After resetting the irradiate goes out and it operation perfectly for around a mile climate the belt irradiate flashes again and also right back into limp mode. This is criminal what dealers will execute to take your money and time. Criminal !!!!!!
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