Just noticeable difference (JND), or the different threshold, is characterized as ‘the minimal difference that have the right to be detected between two stimuli’ (Achiffman et al 2014).

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In the modern-day marketing, JND theory becomes so crucial that every marketer needs to know around it and learns just how to use it efficiently. A necessary principle that is concerned JND is Weber’s Law. In order to define this idea in details, we have the right to take a look in ~ the example below.

You walk into a supermarket and see a $10 cacao bar is fifty percent price. Civilization will often tend to think this is together a great deal and also purchase that cacao bar without lot hesitation. In an additional case, you check out a $100 shirts is 5 dollars off. Will that promotion take your attention? The answer generally will be no because that discount is so tiny to do you notice. However, us can easily see the we save the very same amount of money in both cases, i m sorry is $5. Serious Weber establish this phenomenon and also came up v the Weber’s law which suggests that ‘the just noticeable difference in between two stimuli was not an absolute amount, however an amount loved one to the soot of the first stimulus’ (Schiffman et al 2016 p151).

This principle is used not just to the price but also to every aspect of the product which can be packaging, slogan, advertising,… so the the product have the right to be regarded as better if the change is positive and also unchanged if the alteration is an unfavorable (Britt&Nelson 1976). If the marketers know how to use JND well, they can position their products much better and do it stand out in the market.

For instance, Doritos is a famed snack created in America. It is a pretty cheap product which only costs around $4. Therefore, a little change in the price will certainly immediately notice the consumers since even a 10 cent readjust is quite big relative come the initial price. This can lead come a drop in the sale of Doritos and decrease the that company profit together Doritos deserve to be seen as an elastic need product. However, that is hard to save the price continue to be the same since the price of production is unstable. In reality, it in reality keeps raising day by day, year through year. Thus, Doritos came up through a renowned idea provided a lot in this sort of market. Lock shrunk the size of the Doritos’ content without an altering the price and the packaging. The variety of chips decreased had to be under the JND therefore that civilization would not realize and feel unsatisfied.


In 2010, Doritos silently diminished the fill size native 200g come 180g (Andy 2015).



In 2015, they readjusted their size from 175g to 170g without notification (John 2015).

On the various other hand, they will try to get world attention when they make a optimistic change. As soon as Doritos raised the size, lock tried to do it above the JND. They printed on the package that the bag is 20% bigger or offered several strategy to emphasize the change. In reality, they can still use JND even when they execute not make any real changes.

Bigger bag but same net weight

In addition, Doritos does no only apply JND come the price. They know that it is essential to it is in innovative. Together time change, Doritos has to change itself to fit a brand-new era and brand-new generation’s perception. One of their biggest transforms has to be pointed out is the logo design update. Doritos supplied JND perfectly to stop their logo being the end of date in addition to not shedding their customers’ acknowledgment by making transforms just slightly above JND.


Doritos has obtained gigantic success since it was founded and become among the best firms in the world. By looking only at the means they usage the JND, I perform not wonder why anymore.


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