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Ive been absent spark top top one cylinder ever because I purchased my 1983 Sea Nyph deep V. The aluminum wires had actually seen better days so i went ahead and made a new harness using modern wiring. I got an exceptional deal on a brand-new OEM stator, power pack, coils so i went ahead and replaced everything, keeping the parts I took off as spare. 122PSI on upper and lower cylinder. For everything reason among the orange wires i beg your pardon runs straight from the power pack to coil is not working. I can connect it come the top or reduced coil, whichever coil that is connected to will certainly not fire. Both coils work an excellent using the various other wire. Went ahead and adjusted the strength packs thinking perhaps the brand-new power fill was simply no good. Very same problem. Reasoning I had a poor connection somewhere along the means I confirm the coil wire for voltage. Its putting out the exact same amount of volts as the various other coil wire. Checked through a spark light because that some type of spark and I acquire a an extremely very week flash. Just due to the fact that it was the one thing I stop messed v I confirm the rectifier. Ns disconnected the rectifier and same issue!!!!!! This trouble makes absolutely no feeling to me! i took it to our local marina and they actually recommended I replace the motor since "these old motors are not worth functioning on" has anyone the end there had actually a similar issue?

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1979 Johnson 35HP No spark top top one cylinder.

Postby kofkorn » 04 Aug 2015, 13:34

CDI electronics has a pretty good troubleshooter guide for spark problems that you can follow here: (1979 2 cylinder Johnson beginning on pg 34)Based on the guide, girlfriend may have actually an worry with the timing base under the flywheel. This speak the power load when to fire the spark it has actually stored. Might be that your timer isn"t close sufficient to the magnet and isn"t picking up the ar well. Johnson uses a "Locator Ring Tool" to place the stator/timer properly as soon as installing. You may need to re-position it. There should be a small ledge under the timer the is machined right into the crankcase. The front of the timer demands to align with this ledge perfectly. Using a right edge should obtain you really close.Might likewise be the one magnet is just a hair weaker than the various other or the timer isn"t picking up the field well. May be a bad timer base. But based upon your description, I"d look in ~ the positioning first. Great luck!

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