When an illustration of Columbo attributes as lover a number as Johnny Cash, you far better believe it’s going to live lengthy in the storage – and also so it proves with Swan Song, the penultimate episode of season 3.

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Featuring the male in black color as nation singer Tommy Brown, Swan Song is increased by a magnificent, audacious death via deliberate plane crash and one the the series’ least-loved victim in Edna Brown.

Although not rather on my an individual A-List, Swan Song is an illustration treasured by many fans and it absolutely features much more than its same share the memorable moments. I beg your pardon scenes space the standouts? Here’s mine two-penneth worth…

5. Who’s busting whom?

It look at for all the people like Tommy is turning a blind eye come Columbo’s initiatives to force him right into revealing the lacking parachute by sending a team of boy scouts to find the mountainside where the aircraft crash occurred.

The detective is because of this a tiny surprised to view that Tommy is planning to leaving LA and jet turn off to san Francisco to embark top top a four-month tour. As a result, Columbo do the efforts to monitor Tommy to make sure he actually is walking to plank the aircraft and collection off into the blue yonder.

His attempts at being inconspicuous fail, though, as Tommy notices and also loudly exposes Columbo’s sneaking – much to the Lieutenant’s embarrassment. The scene is together a winner because Falk so perfectly portrays that feeling of abashment at gift so thoroughly captured out.

It has actually a pay-off, too, together Columbo notices Tommy acquisition his rental car keys v the airport defense gate, at some point triggering the realisation that the killer will get a return flight and drive back to the step of the crime. Clever boy

4. The hare in the headlights

You’re nicked!

Was ever before a killer recorded as red-handed as Tommy Brown? just Investigator Brimmer (Death Lends a Hand) and Elliott Markham (Blueprint because that Murder) offer the biblical crooner a operation for his money ~ he’s rather literally recorded in the headlights v his arms complete of incriminating parachute silk.

Columbo’s mental dexterity has figured out that Tommy will undoubtedly be compelled to go back to the mountainside to retrieve the surprise parachute that the detective wouldn’t otherwise have actually a cat-in-hell’s possibility of uncovering. Although admittedly storage of previous adventures, this is still an effective and also dramatic means to round the end the mystery.

3. The Sunday morning come-down

Scorchers in hot pink bikinis assisted Tommy get rid of the trauma of shedding his to ~ wife

How does a music megastar bounce back from the tragic ns of his to ~ wife and also a young backing singer? If you’re Tommy Brown, you party tough with bikini-clad scorchers to assist sweeten the bitter pill – directly after the dual funeral!

Yes folks, this scene has actually everything: a bevvy the young hotties, booze galore, Johnny singing one of his best-loved songs in Sunday Morning coming Down, a dust-up in between Tommy and hated half-brother Luke, and also Columbo’s stomach-turning arrival to squirrel chilli.

Best of all, it’s a clear indication that Tommy’s ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ absent star hedonism is to become his new norm, while providing the lieutenant ample reason to doubt the apathetic singer that murder.

2. Have actually you seen the light? he has…

Certainly the many enduringly memorable aspect of the episode is the limitless repetition the Tommy’s smash fight I experienced the Light. It may start come grate ~ a if (especially when it sticks in the brain for an eon after viewing), yet the rousing rendition that opens up the illustration is really well done.

Footage of an really Johnny Cash concert is unique spliced right into the studio footage of Tommy Brown and the shed Soul Crusaders’ Bakersfield show, offering viewers v an authentic-feeling musical endure that goes a long method to convincing united state that ours mate Tommy really is a musical superstar because that whom lapping increase audience adulation is 2nd nature.

1. Bagging the end the lustful sinner

It’s all smiles in ~ the Brown household after party!

Full of vitriol, the blazing row between Edna and Tommy ideal after your Bakersfield display tells us all we have to know around both characters.

First we check out that Tommy is susceptible tosins of the fleshwith teenage groupies and that that begrudges having to live top top a shoe-string as soon as his sell-out concerts are netting $30,000 per night. He wants a decent reduced of the cash to have fun with instead of seeing every the profit of his toils going towards funding the tabernacle of Edna’s dreams.

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We then uncover out (via Edna) that Tommy has been romping with one of his back-up singers, Maryann, because she was 16. Even though Maryann was a ready participant, that’s stillstatutory rapeand if Tommy won’t provide his every to the tabernacle cause, Edna will blow the whistle and also former jailbird Tommy will be earlier behind bars before you deserve to say: ‘You’re a sanctimonious hypocrite that a Bible-spouting blackmailer and also I’ve provided you her last possibility to be fair!

From all this we deserve to see thatEdna is a ruthless, blackmailing old witch. In spite of raising Tommy the end of the gutter once she helped with his release from prison, she treats that as slave labour, milking his talent to fund her cause. And also despite learning that Tommy committed statutory rape with young Maryann, she keeps the girl close for blackmailing reasons, no to perform anything humanitarian such together helping her, or something crazy choose that…

For every her wittering about her love of the Lord, Edna is as godless together they come, so we have actually the scene set for a delightfully wicked tussle in between two arch-sinners, learning only one deserve to come out on top.

“Edna treats Tommy as slave labour, milking his talent to fund her tabernacle cause.”

There we have actually it, gang. Execute let me understand if her own personal highlight missed out here, or what rather you can have included. It was certainly an overwhelming to leave the end Vito Scotti’s cameo together the funeral director, however that’s life, baby!

If you’re now desperate to consider the episode in an ext detail you deserve to visit my full episode review here. And if you’re keen to actually check out the irradiate you deserve to view Swan Song in complete HD glory best here! That’s fine worth a celebratory shake of anyone’s tambourine, no?

“Can we, uh, do an meeting to comment on why this magical moment isn’t in your height 5?”