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Kit meets man Holbrook top top the delivery on the way to Wethersfield. He is going to Wethersfield to examine with Reverend Bulkeley. He is kind to Kit, and she find him mild yet pleasant. She has enough trouble on the trip to Wethersfield, specifically when she jumps into the water...

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Kit meets man Holbrook on the ship on the way to Wethersfield. The is going to Wethersfield to study with Reverend Bulkeley. The is kind to Kit, and she find him mild yet pleasant. She has sufficient trouble top top the trip to Wethersfield, specifically when she jumps into the water come retrieve Prudence’s doll.

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… man Holbrook had actually been around to warn her. There to be something strange about this country of America, something that they all seemed to share and also understand and she did not. She was only partially reassured as soon as John said, with another of those surprising flicker of tenderness humor, "I shall sit through you at supper, if ns may. Simply to make certain that no one"s food it s okay curdled." (Ch. 1)

John Holbrook security a most time with the Woods, and also Judith ultimately becomes sweet top top him. That is not until later on that the household realizes that it is not Judith he desires to see, however the quiet and also mild-mannered Mercy. With Kit and also Judith vying for every young masculine attention, everyone forgot around Mercy!

Those good listening eye were fastened top top the face of the young man bent over his book, and for one instant Mercy"s totality heart to be revealed. Mercy was in love with John Holbrook. Much faster than assumed the shadows clarified Mercy again. Kit glanced hastily approximately the circle. Nobody else had actually noticed. (Ch. 11) 

John Holbrook is a good friend to Kit in Wethersfield, even though she is “forever astonishing him.” that is patient and also gentle, and also she likes listening come him read. Regardless of this, Kit is not in love through him. Judith is, yet Mercy is the one whose affections are returned. Eventually, Kit end up v Nat and Judith through William Ashby (whom she loved prior to Holbrook came), and also Mercy and also John can marry.