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It looks choose the lawn tractor has been turned on it"s left side in this referenced connect to change the belt.Small Engine, Lawn Mower, Snowthrower Troubleshooting, Repairs and SafetyTo execute this, perform we have actually to:remove every gas indigenous the tankremove all engine oilremove every oil for the back gear (Hydro Drive)Not sure if I have the name correct because that the last one, yet we don"t have actually the hand-operated as the yet.Appreciate the feedback.

Helped mine neighbor change his 175 belt ,,,didn"t reminder it top top it.side , jacked it up and also worked under it,,tipping it could be easier,,,,,take a picture or attract diagram prior to removing old one ,,,,,the belt has a twisted in it ,and it is feasible to install it wrong and also have 5 speeds in reverse and one in forward.:dunno: We had to remove the PTO clutch to get the belt installed.
Thanks so much for the reply. The mower was a donation because that the church and also the key belt was lacking when we received it.Spent many of the work under the JD. Ultimately know the the PTO is the clutch and also not in the diagram on the parts sight. The is presented on the 165 diagrams (10451)Was may be to path the belt to the engine, but how walk you get the PTO off? It just keeps spinning through the ratchet. Whereby would I discover the diagram on how to twisted the belt? bespeak the manuals, but they have not come.

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The PTO is most basic to take it off through an impact wrench, therefore as not to turn the engine over, prefer a ratchet will do. I"m sure various other folks here will chime in on just how they obtained the PTO bolt out w/o an impact, but I have not had to execute it the way. Girlfriend will need to unbolt the steering sector brace and turn the in line v the structure rails, and install the belt approximately over each finish of that brace (straddles the steering shaft, basically), climate thread roughly PTO and idler. After that it runs ago towards the hydro unit, v the idler pulley-block (over the optimal of the one towards the former of the tractor, then under the next one and onto the hydro pulley) and then over the hydro pulley. There is a diagram what online, the the check out from the bottom the the tractor. I will check out if I have the picture of the tractor ~ above it"s rear fenders once I gain home tonight.I likewise have mine tractor totally apart, therefore I can email pics out to. I just did put my belt ~ above the PTO since I had actually the engine and also steering out. It"s no yet top top the hydro unit because that"s all on the bench still. Let me know if girlfriend need any pics sent to you.