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Hello to all. New member here.I have a GX75 behind engine mower that I need a belt chart for. I would likewise like to know where the belt guides are claimed to it is in located. One critical request. Exactly how do you adjust the anxiety on the mower deck? The belt is sloppy. Can be I have actually it on wrong.Any help would it is in appreciated.Thanks,Chuck

Chuck,Here is a rather general record I uncovered on Deere"s website that can help...View attachments RX mower and also drive belt routings.pdfChuck (yes, one more one...)

Let me shot that again -- first document was pretty poor quality imagery. Obviously, the illustration accompanying measures 8 and also 9 is not the exactly one, either. :unknown:View attachments RX mower and drive belt routings - higher res.pdf...Also, below is pointer to wherein I discovered it on Deere"s site:,+RX73,+RX75,+RX95,+SX75,+SX95.pdfChuck
Thanks chuck V for taking the moment to acquire this information to me. Very much appreciated!Chuck55

You are really welcome Chuck55 -- hope the GX and also RX are comparable enough the this record was of some benefit...Are you using genuine Deere belts? Deere often tends to architecture in a slightly various angle on the V in their products, and also sometimes aftermarket belts will not right right and tend come flip off the sheaves. Chuck
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