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I have actually blown the fuse on mine accessory plug that is in mine console in in between my seats. Ns cannot discover the fuse and my dealer can"t also tell me where it is. Walk anyone know?

On the panel under the dash in prior of your left knee together your sit in the driver"s seat. There should be a dashboard of 4 fuses....left to ideal the 12V DC Accesory Outlet fuse should be feet #1. 10 amp blade style fuse.Have no tested mine .... Just referring to mine Operator"s Manual.There"s likewise a panel of fuses on the computer board under the front hood. Friend should have the ability to see them after removing the warehouse tray... Might as well check castle all! I"m curious ... What did you have plugged into your outlet the popped the fuse?
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The 10A fuse under the dash is for the outlet on the dash. There is a 2nd outlet in the console if you have the bucket seats. It is a yellow wire marked 427. That does not go in the wiring harness the goes come the former of the machine. Mine dealer can"t even tell me where it is. I have a stereo speaker device plugged right into it. My youngsters were playing around with the plug and it dropped apart and the pieces fell into the outlet, punch the fuse.

Found it! In the battery box area under
the main wiring harness wherein it passes through the hole in the metal reinforcement. Fuse is in a holder that hangs off that exact same hole on the battery next .... Check out the pic. 10A tongue fuse.... FYI to anyone - this accessory plug is only on v the in the vital on/run postion...
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Good task Darth!
New to the Forum. Mine 825i (w/ boss V-plow) will be yielded this Tuesday. I"m happy to check out this website working choose it should. Looks favor this will be my "go-to" location for Q&A... Tony.

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Thanks Tony
Welcome come the forum and congrats ~ above the gator! write-up some pic of your new device when you get a chance!
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Hi arevetti, I"m looking in ~ the boss v-plow because that my newly purchased 825i. Sounds like you have had yours because that a pair of winter now. Any type of comment on whether you choose it or not, issues, etc.Thx,
Hi arevetti, I"m looking at the boss v-plow for my newly purchased 825i. Sounds favor you have had actually yours for a pair of winter now. Any comment on even if it is you favor it or not, issues, etc.Thx,
Really like the set-up. I have a 700" limestone driveway (mild class and reasonably straight). I have not had one difficulty with this setup end the previous two years. I live 50 miles south of Buffalo, NY right in the center of "ski- country", for this reason I have actually been may be to test it the end a few times to say the least. I"ll give it a quick try to add a pic or two with this post. PS: the ranger and also glacier plow to be not even close come this setup (then again, neither was the $$$.) i had called Boss come verify the the gator might handle this setup and also they assured me it could with no additional ballast in ~ all. Expect this helps, Tony.
Thx Tony
Thx because that the response Tony. Ns sure prefer hearing directly from a user as opposed to a salesperson ;-)I"ve never been for this reason hesitant around purchasing what I believe to be a good piece of equipment. The weight of the plow is what has actually me concerned most. However, if ns look at plows prefer PowerTach, i m sorry looks reasonably well built, the is 300# i beg your pardon is no light either.I currently have a Moose county plow top top a Honda ATV - had actually it for 15 years. It has actually treated me well and also is still in very good shape. Ns live ~ above a hobby farm yard that has a little of open yard and also 1200"+ long driveway so require something a little beefier. When it it s okay piled increase I have actually a tractor and blower to peel it earlier so the is no a problem.I think I will certainly go ahead and purchase one. Let me understand if you have any an ext comments on her experiences. One of my concerns, given the weight, is whether it will certainly dig right into the ground or not. I don"t have tar, concrete, etc. I beg your pardon is what is shown in every the digital videos. You stated you have actually limestone. Execute you have any problems v the plow pair of shoes digging in? I"m guessing probably not given the compactness that limestone. Us use course V gravel here.Thx again