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New man here.My 318 chose to erase it"s S/N tag. Go Deere place one more copy in the rear of the tractor?ThxBryan

OOOOOOOuuuuuuccchhhhhhh! and NO on another place because that the tag. It was on the pedestal blow the accelerator / choke.And WELCOME to the forum
I purchased the tractor new along with a version 49 snow blower and power bagger. Execute the S/N"s ~ above these have actually the year? mine insurance adjuster is coming the end Monday come look at the deck/tractor damage and also I can"t because that the life of me remember what year we bought it.

If the engine is original, you may be able to tell what year it is by that. Or, in ~ least gain close.Onan B43G was used from 1983 come 1987, finishing with tractor serial number M00318X420000.Onan P218 was provided in the man Deere 318 indigenous 1987, beginning at serial number M00318X420001, through the end of production.
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10 and 2 fives,The Onan finish ID number is top top the engine tin on a foil tag -- near the flywheel finish of the engine and also on the ideal side looking towards the prior of the tractor. This tags are not that robust and can be damaged through solvents and heat therefore yours could have to be damaged in the fire.
It is said that simply the succession number is often stamped in the block -- not sure where...Here is what i posted to another site in answer to a similar question around determining date, etc:Yes the Onan engine identification plate has a number that contains date and also serial number in a single line. The top alpha character is the month of manufacture...A is January, B is February, C is March and also so forth... The next two numerals room the year of to produce -- this convention began in November of 1974 and continued with the beforehand 1990"s. The following numeral is a plant password -- "0" is Minneapolis and also "3" is Huntsville. The critical 6 digits room the sequential serial number itself.This serial number an unified with the day code and also plant of origin are on the identification plate only...but sometimes the 6 number sequential serial number is found stamped somewhere on the block chin (with or there is no a 7th digit because that plant ID...)​
Don"t know exactly how much aid this could be, but great luck -- actual bummer the your tractor was damaged therefore by the fire...Chuck