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Jimi Hendrix became a member of The 27 Club as soon as he passed away in a shocking revolve of events. He died after security time v his last girlfriend Monika Danneman, and the impacts of his death were feeling by fans all over the world. However, his last words room haunting in many ways, while he likewise left a poem, reflecting his feel on the fateful day.

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On the work of his death, while details have actually been disputed, the is generally rememberingsomer.comnsidered that spent many of the day v his last girlfriend and also figure ska Monika Dannemann.

Dannemann was through Hendrix on the night that his death, and also she said she prepared a meal and wine for them at her apartment in the Samarkand Hotel.

They then drove come a friend’s house, whereby he remained before she checked out rememberingsomer.comllect that in the early hours of September 18, 1970.


What to be Jimi Hendrix"s last words? (Image: Getty)


Jimi Hendrix performing on stage (Image: Getty)

Acrememberingsomer.comrding come Dannemann, the pair chatted at her level until the beforehand morning prior to they visited sleep, at which suggest she uncovered him unresponsive, but breathing.

He to be taken through ambulance come St mary Abbot’s Hospital yet was pronounce dead in ~ 12.45pm.

Later, Dannemann revealed Hendrix had taken many of her prescribed resting pills, which would be much greater than the dosage.

However, others have suggested different versions of his death, so that will most likely remain a mystery.


Jimi Hendrix wrote a poem on his last day (Image: Getty)


The Jimi Hendrix experience (Image: Getty)

What to be Jimi Hendrix’s last words?

Acrememberingsomer.comrding to The Guardian, Hendrix’s critical words were: "I need aid bad, man."

Evidently the was conscious he remained in distress, however ultimately the rememberingsomer.comuld not be saved.

However, some feel Hendrix to be trying come send a further message, as there to be a poem discovered by his deathbed.

Clearly people think he to be trying to rememberingsomer.commmunicate in his last moments, and the critical words the the poem space reported as reading: “The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye.

“The story the love is hello and also goodbye, till we meet again.”

In Tony Brown’s book, Jimi Hendrix: The last Day, the musician called Danneman: “I want you to save this forever ns don"t want you come forget anything the is written."

He added: “It"s a story about you and also me.”

While the specific information around Hendrix’s fatality is not definite, it has actually been suggested he had actually a bath and also wrote the poem prior to his death.

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