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A family members friend offered me one Iver Johnson revolver. That is a cadet 55-SA model and has 38 cal. Stamped on the frame. Am i correct the it is the .38s&w round and also not .38 rimfire? I recognize its not the .38special. Im not concerned with value. Simply curious as to what ns have. Thanks!
As friend state it offers both the word "Cadet" and the designation "55-SA" I will certainly guess it is a Variation ns model produced from 1963-1974. It came in 32 S&W and 38 S&W. There will be a "B" in the serial number if the is a 32 or a "G" if the is a 38 S&W. There was a sports 2 developed from 1974-1979 that additionally came in 38 Special. Firearms chambered for the cartridge will have actually a "J" in the serial number. Over there should also not be words "Cadet" in the version designation however that is no a hard and also fast preeminence in numerous of this cheaper guns.
I recognize its no the .38 unique as ns tried a round simply to see and also it wouldnt get in the chamber. Stuck out about a 1/4". I just wanted come make sure it was the .38S&w and not the .38 quick rimfire, which ns was pretty certain it wasnt. Im not real acquainted with those rounds. I have to shot to acquire it in working condition before I perform anything v it anyway. Thanks!
Put a item of file into the weapon and drop the hammer one time. The will display you where the firing pen is striking and that will answer your question.
This version of pistol was brought forth by Iver Johnson in the mid-20th century which is lengthy after large bore rimfire cartridges dropped from favor. I think 38 rimfire ammo was last developed a couple of years prior to this model coming out through the last weapons being made closer come a half century earlier. The 55 collection originally came out in 22 LR in the 1940s through centerfire rounds becoming accessible later on. Together I wrote earlier, there should be a "G" in the serial number if it is a 38 S&W and also the chambering should also be stamped ~ above the framework usually through by the crane if i recall correctly.

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I have actually a 32 with a B in the serial number favor you said. This is the very first web site I have actually been to that has information on the gun. Simply wandering what would certainly be the value of the gun
Sorry come not have replied earlier, I have actually not to be able come visit as regularly as I offered to. An "Ivy Johnson" will frequently run in the $100 range if in ver an excellent contion through some models going as high together $150 depending upon condition and features and also many rather going for lot less. Over there is not much collector no one shooter demand for these guns and literally a million or an ext were made for this reason prices room not really high. For those factors they space fun weapons to collect together one go not have to spend lot to obtain a fairly huge collection.
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