Unfortunately there room unauthorized ISO Beauty, Inc. Brand appliances and also product being marketed on the internet and in unauthorized retail establishments. This unauthorized products may not have originated indigenous ISO Beauty, Inc., and also may not be genuine ISO Beauty, Inc. Brand products. There perhaps unauthorized re-sellers that are selling appliances that bear the ISO beauty, beauty brand names and look very similar to ISO beauty beauty brand appliances, yet they room not genuine ISO beauty beauty brand appliances. ISO Beauty, Inc. Cannot guarantee this products, and also can do no claim as to their quality, functionality, performance or efficacy. In stimulate to protect you our customer, to assure the high quality of our appliances, come guard versus fraud and also attempts to happen off lesser top quality merchandise under the ISO beauty brand names and to protect the call of the ISO beauty brands, we space unable come exchange or change a defective appliance or otherwise respect the one (1) year or lifetime minimal warranties for any type of appliance the is no an really ISO beauty beauty brand appliance. To aid assure ours customers the the appliance they space buying is an original ISO beauty beauty appliance, we recommend the our customers only buy ISO Beauty products from trusted sleeve establishments and also ISO beauty, beauty authorized digital re-sellers.

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The following is a list of part authorized re-sellers:






Another means to determine an ISO beauty beauty authorized digital reseller is to look because that the following symbol:

Additionally, by purchasing from authorized resellers consumers defend themselves indigenous the opportunity of purchasing sail products; that is, products that may have actually originated through ISO Beauty, Inc., yet that were diverted native approved retail channels and also that space being marketed in non-authorized outlets.

The difficulty with purchase diverted commodities is that ISO Beauty, Inc. Has no way to guarantee the authenticity of the products, the period of the products, the knowledge of the retailers selling the products, or whether the assets have to be damaged, transformed or refurbished (and space being passed off as new).

By purchasing from authorized re-sellers, consumers room assured that the assets they are purchasing are brand-new and yes, really ISO Beauty, Inc. Brand products backed by the reputation of ISO Beauty, Inc. In the kind of a life time Warranty that promises the quality and performance of every product the bears its brand names.

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ISO Beauty, Inc. Is vigilantly protecting the brands and also its reputation, and is proactively seeking the end unauthorized resellers to stop the distribution and also sale the counterfeit and/or lesser quality assets under the ISO Beauty, Inc. Brand names. ISO Beauty, Inc. Will use all means within its power to protect its customers; consisting of legal action, purchasing share of unauthorized products to eliminate them native the market and also terminating relationships v those distributors and vendors who assist in the circulation of these products.