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"Don"t referee a guy until you"ve walked 2 moons in his moccasins." Walk two Moons is lovingly adapted for the stage with the exact same nuance and also surprises readily available by the original book. Using multiple narrative frames, the beat leaps ago and forth with time and also memory as 13-year-old Sal tells the story of the disappearance of her best friend Phoebe"s mother. Identified to discover her, the 2 girls start seeing murderous plots and also schemes around every corner. Sal shares these conspiracy theories through her Gram and Gramps throughout a cross-country road trip to face her own mother, who left her and her dad a year ago. However it is just through informing Phoebe"s story the Sal truly understands why her mother left and also whether or no they"ll ever before be with each other again.


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kind of display Full-length beat Product password WG3000 cast Size 14 Min. Royalty rate $110/perf cost $11.95 Approx. Operation Time 90 min


Target Audience middle School | family members (all ages) Performing group High school | neighborhood Theatre Genre Drama ISBN(13) 9781583428894
* Please keep in mind the aristocracy rate provided is the minimum royalty price per performance. The really royalty price will be established upon completion of a nobility application.

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"By use both present-tense activity of the pilgrimage Sal takes through her grandparents (which has a dramatic conclusion) and Sal’s memories of she experiences with Phoebe, Tom Arvetis allows the audience to view not only exactly how Sal is processing her mother’s lack but also how she accepts it." -Time out Chicago Kids"Flawlessly adjusted from strong source material, Walk two Moons … difficulties to examine their own reactions and emotions, to look outward right into a human being where anyone suffers yet has the enormous power to help one another." -Chicago theatre Beat

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Dramatic Publishing 311 Washington St. Woodstock, IL 60098-3308