I"m law an assignment wherein we should research the separation the a mixture to obtain a helpful final product. I thought about the separation of uranium from its ore after it has been mined, yet I walk not recognize if the ore counted as a mixture, or a compound.

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Yes, uranium ore is a mixture.

Uranium compounds such as pitchblende (uraninite) are only existing as a small component (usually $http://www.areva.com/EN/operations-677/uranium-processing-from-ore-to-yellow-cake.html


image source: http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Development_Details/Approaches/ChemCases/Nuclear_rememberingsomer.com_and_the_Community/08._Uranium_Production

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The main uranium ore is pitchblende, or uraninite, i m sorry is mostly composed the $\ceUO2$. $\ceUO2$ is ionically bonded with each other in a decision structure and also so it is definitely a compound and not a mixture. However, uraninite go contain tiny amounts of other compounds, such as $\ceU3O8$ and trace quantities of command oxides and also so the mineral as a totality is a mixture that compounds.

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