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When in Rome, perform as the Romans do. My question for you would certainly be i m sorry Rome since as much as today is concerned, every habitable continent has actually Romans.

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A few years ago, a quick reality on the internet suggested that every habitable continent has a city referred to as Rome. That made me progressive a few questions when I was in Social studies class. I quickly checked my comfortable atlas to view whether this to be a fact, however I stumbled on the falsehood of this statement. Or rather, the lack of clarity in that fact. There is a Rome in every continent, but not every one of them are called “Rome.”

Linguistic distinctions clarify why this would take place as different languages would transliterate native differently. Words “Rome,” because that example, is a various take top top the initial Italian native “Roma.” plenty of of these cities room either referred to as “Rome” or “Roma” together both this words are relevant and correct in their own ways.

So why go every habitable continent have a Rome?


The exact day of the facility of Rome is currently not very clear. There is a prominent legend about the establishing of Rome. 2 brothers, Romulus and Remus, disagreed on the city's name, and one eliminated the other over this. Romulus then named the city after ~ himself.

Rome arisen from a tiny town over the centuries to be the love of the economic and also military strength of Europe the the very same name. Rome’s position in Europe lugged much ire to many human being in the region, and it was not constantly safe. For this reason, Rome has actually been sacked numerous times by different civilization with various motivations.

This, however, does not typical that Rome ever before dimmed in its glory together the Roman heritage lived to inspire later generations. The is not a coincidence that there are numerous cities called Rome in the human being at the moment.

There are many other places with this name in various other European countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands.


Africa’s Roma is interesting and also a an important town for the country it is in. That is situated in Lesotho and also has no been around for as lengthy as many of that counterparts. In 1862, through the permission the the Basotho king, a French missionary called Father Joseph Gérard began a mission named in Motse-oa-’M’a-Jesu (“Village that the mom of Jesus”).



Father Joseph Gérard courtesy of Visit Lesotho

The town was initially called Ha Tloutle, yet it changed later and also managed to gain prominence because that many an excellent reasons. One good attraction is the reality that this ar is Lesotho’s “off-road adventure.” that serene atmosphere offers too many of methods for fun.

It also serves an additional important role in the nation as it houses the national University that Lesotho and also other important educational establishments that support the nations’ educational and also developmental goals.

North America mentions that there are 18 places dubbed Rome in the United states alone. Together there are plenty of cities referred to as Rome in the joined States, climate I will pick the one that I discover the most interesting. It is the biggest city in Floyd County, Georgia.



Rome, Georgia courtesy the Wikipedia

This city is home to extensive history and numerous historical injustices. Cultures in different eras have actually lived here, as archeological evidence says initial settlements. Spanish tasks in the an ar during the colonial duration caused severe depopulation due to the fact that of exposure to transmittable diseases. Various tribes then populated the depopulated lands.

The location was then called Rome in 1834 “after congress passed the Indian removed act” the aimed to displace the Cherokee from that land. The location resembled Italian Rome in so plenty of ways that inhabitants were influenced to name the location “Rome.”


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