I recently read this Buzzfeed short article after witnessing excessive drunk crying. That claims:

Unlike other develops of alcohol, tequila is no a depressant.

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As a source, it quotes Esquire:

Tequila is no a depressant.

At the very least it"s not borne out by our research. Seldom is the time that tequila has actually left any type of of us nodding turn off over ours plate or head lolling ago on the couch, as can take place all too conveniently from one equivalent number of martinis. Instead, we find our the atmosphere to it is in elevated through the proper application of great tequila. This may have something to do with the ahead entry.

Is this true?

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A depressant slows down the main Nervous System. Example: alcohol.

A stimulant speeds up the main Nervous System. Example: nicotine.

Tequila has alcohol, so logically it must be classified together a depressant... But, over there goes a famous case saying that:

Unlike other forms of alcohol, tequila is no a depressant.

In various other words, it says that tequila is the only alcoholic drink that"s a stimulant, not a depressant.

The trouble with this claim is that:

Tequila is most often made at a 38–40% alcohol contents (76–80 proof), but can be produced in between 31 and also 55% alcohol content (62 and 110 proof).

Tequila"s active ingredient is ethanol and also ethanol is a known main nervous device depressant. As opposed come stimulating her brain, ethanol rather depresses it, resulting in lowers inhibitions and also of food pleasure.

Furthermore, many people will argue that Tequila, a mix that alcohol and stimulants, has an all at once effect i beg your pardon is not a depressant. This is FALSE.

Stimulants & Alcohol: A MASKING EFFECT as soon as you mix alcohol with stimulants, the stimulants mask the effects of exactly how your body is enduring the alcohol. Depending on how much is consumed, end the food of however many hours, your Blood Alcohol Levels might feel inaccurate because of the truth the stimulants are interrupting the body’s natural capacity to procedure the alcohol and send girlfriend the proper messages. (ref)

Now castle spoke about the masking effect only, but how carry out we understand the alcohol will not have actually an overall effect of which is not depressant?

In a post by the National council on Alcoholism and also Drug Dependence, has actually announced the mixing power drinks (stimulants with a most caffeine) with alcohol (depressant) deserve to lead come “wide-awake drunkenness,” where caffeine masks the feeling of drunkenness however does no decrease really alcohol-related impairment.

Also, apparently there space no clinical researches supporting tequila together a stimulant and/or no depressant.

In addition, one renowned myth that persists to this day, tequila go contain mescaline. Tequila is a type of mezcal, a distilled alcohol addict beverage do from the maguey plant. Since mezcal"s surname is comparable to mescaline, world probably assumed tequila consisted of mescaline, and they believed mescaline is a stimulant (there is a controversy about this also). In spite of the similar name, mezcal does not contain mescaline.

Conclusion: when tequila is make from a various plant than alcohols, it still has between 31% and also 55% the alcohol. And also the fact that that has between 31% and also 55% that alcohol (and the possible lack the clinical studies supporting Tequila as a stimulant), it is sufficient to disprove that myth. At really low doses, and for details people, that can show up as a stimulant since it suppresses details inhibitions, but it"s not, favor all alcohols, the depresses the main nervous system.

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