Since the lumber is complicated to split and stack contrasted to other famous firewood types, some watch it together a rubbish of time and also energy.

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Firewood is a object of many different opinions.  

Just due to the fact that sweet gum can not be the ideal firewood approximately doesn"t median you can"t usage just takes a little much more effort.

Sweet gum trees are discovered throughout the eastern joined States.  

It"s considered a an important tree provided for lumber and also furniture production, and also for ornamental purposes.


The wood has actually a distinctive reddish brown shade with sapwood that"s nearly white and also black serial running v the hardwood.  

The lumber is beautiful and also it"s frequently used together a veneer for plywood.

The one disadvantage come the hardwood is its serial which has tendency to warp really poor when the dries.  

Easily figured out by its star shaped leaves with 5 points and also spiked fruit, these hardwood tree can prosper up come 150 feet tall and live for up to 400 years.

Many human being associate sweet gum v their tough spiked fruit that autumn everywhere about the tree.  

The fruit opens up i beg your pardon releases the seeds, however, the spiked shells are left behind and also are often taken into consideration a nuisance.

The spiked shells have the right to be painful come walk on and also are commonly nicknamed burr balls or sticker balls.

Sweet Gum Firewood Use

Sweet gum is not a very popular firewood selection for a variety of different reasons. However, this doesn"t median you can"t use the wood.

In fact, sweet gum will produce around 20.6 million BTU"s per cord which isn"t all that bad.  

The major concern v the timber is the quantity of work and energy the takes to split it right into usable sizes.

Cutting Sweet Gum Firewood

Sweet gum firewood is tough to split......really hard.  

Actually, it doesn"t really break-up it just tears, shreds and also twists its means apart.  

If you"re walk to break-up sweet gum, utilizing a hydraulic splitter is the ideal way.

Even with assist from the splitter, taking care of sweet gum is time consuming.  

For best results, try splitting the wood as soon as it"s quiet green.  

If you don"t have access to a strength splitter, use a sharp dividing axe and also work your method around the edges shaving off thin chunks together you go.  

Avoid separating the wood ideal down the center and also just focus on the edges.  

A visitor indigenous Maryland mutual a technique he uses to make splitting the lumber easier.

"This winter I uncovered by pure opportunity a method to alter the timber fibers part so girlfriend can separation the wood much more effectively through an axe.  

I left several large trunk cut out in the snow in my yard v January and February.  

Now this is Maryland, for this reason we"re not as cold as a Michigan winter, however both 2013-14 and 2014-15 were harsh therefore temperatures were sub-freezing because that weeks.

The wood ended up being super-saturated and also froze up.  I was able to separation these pieces relatively well v my splitting-head axe.  

Of course, "fairly effectively" v gum still means it to be the hardest timber you"ll ever before split, except for elm, yet it to be an development over the norm.

I"m not sure if this will certainly be beneficial for everyone, however the information might be valuable for someone approximately Maryland wherein sweet gum is just one of the 4 most abundantly cultivation trees.  

There"s loads of that here, however not lot of it is taken because of the interlocking timber fibers."

- stack from Maryland

Another visitor common these advice when splitting the hardwood by hand:

"I"ve to be burning wood since we lived means North where difficult maple was the ultimate.  Now i use whatever there is.  

Sweet Gum Tip:  Cut the tree to around two or three inches high and flat and use the stump together a chopping block.  

Cut the segments of lumber to half their regular length and also split it eco-friendly if the timber is still moist and also gum is precious the trouble.  

It"s a light wood and also heats up quick on cold mornings.  I use a heavy maul and also the pieces break-up on the very first swing.  

I"ve to be told Gum is tough to beat for baskets yet the regional basket making factory here shut under years ago."


Once the timber is split, store it under a roof or cover because sweet gum has tendency to rot quickly and produce mold as soon as it"s exposed come moisture.  

Let the wood season for about 1 year and it will certainly be prepared to burn.

Sweet gum works an excellent for the "shoulder seasons" when the exterior temperatures are mild.  

Since the hardwood burns quickly and also doesn"t have good coaling qualities, mixing the with various other hardwoods will provide you far better overnight results.


Many people compare the burning attributes of sweet gum firewood come pine firewood except sweet gum does no contain the difficult sap that"s linked with pine.  

It burns fast and hot and creates a lot of ashes.

When you litter a piece of sweet gum ~ above the fire you"ll probably notification heavy acting in the beginning prior to it fully ignites.  

Sweet gum firewood often tends to provide off a many smoke and it even has an uncomfortable odor at times.

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Many people will not waste their time cutting, splitting and stacking sweet gum firewood.

They would quite use your time and storage room on a hardwood that"s much more "user friendly."

However, sweet gum does offer off a decent amount that heat and also the lumber is qualified of heating her home.  

If you have accessibility to totally free sweet gum that"s currently processed or if you reduced down a solitary tree in your yard and also you require to get rid of the wood, sweet gum is fine come use.  

If you require a most firewood i would said avoiding sweet gum.

The wood takes about 3 times much longer to process compared to other firewood types resulting in a the majority of work for a small amount that firewood.