I failed to dissolve candle wax in both acetone and also ethanol, which space the just organic solvents I have actually at home.

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I have some clothing with wax stuck on them. How have the right to I dissolve the wax and also drive it far without damaging mine clothing?



Ethanol and also acetone space not non-polar organic solvents. Each one has actually a slight dipole moment; as result of the difference of electronegativity in between $ceH$ and also $ceO$ in ethanol and also between $ceC$ and $ceO$ in acetone. Wax is created of heavy, long-chain alkanes. And also as "Like disappear like" try to dissolve your wax in toluene or in xylene.


Being a chemist, I understand that paraffin would need a lipophilic solvent as mentioned by others. It developed to me that simple vegetable oil is a cheap and of course innocuous lipophilic substance. Ns spilled about 2 oz molten candle wax on a marble surface and after it solidified eliminated a great portion by scraping v a plastic spoon. This was complied with by adding around a tablespoon of vegetable oil and mixing v the spoon. The wax dissolved in the oil v no problem and could be mopped up through a file towel. Treatment of the oily residue with sink soap eliminated what was left. Expect this helps.



Ordinary candle wax is readily removed by Methylated Spirits, specifically if is top top a candle stick. Scrape the bulk off carefully and also then use a soft fabric with meths.

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Dry clean her clothes. The solvents provided in dried cleaning work well.

I had actually the airline market pump mine suitcase and suits full of jet fuel. Even with experienced cleaning they still stunk. All had actually to it is in replaced.

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