One hundred and also ten years ago Camp environment-friendly Lake was green and beautiful. Over there lived miss Katherine Barlow. She had the ideal peaches of the town and also she to be teacher. She character was complete of life and she to be the many of the moment happy. Everybody love her. In the night she teach classes for adults. They, many young men, loved her, too. Yet in one class there was a young men, that was called Trout pedestrian (His real name to be Charles Walker) and also he had an incurable foot fungus. His character was horrible and also he was really disrespectful, loud and also stupid. On the other side he was the child of the richest guy of the town and also everybody expected miss Katherine come marry Trout pedestrian although she hadn´t any type of interesting. After Trout she asked for a day in his brand-new boat she said “no” and Trout pedestrian was really angry about this.

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In the city of green Lake was just one doctor. His surname was Doc. Sam Hawthorne, yet everybody called him onion man. His onion ar was on the other side. He had an old (fifty years old!) donkey, i m sorry was dubbed Mary Lou and feed it v his onions. Nobody argued with Sam, yet when they want to walk to a medical professional they saw Sam. He gave them the pointer that they need to eat a the majority of onions. His whole is turning around onions.

But climate it to be changed. Whenever miss out on Katherine to buy onions she offered one or 2 to mar Lou. After the talk Sam ended up being a mission. He should fix the roof in the schoolhouse. ~ Sam done this he came to be the following exercise…and the next….and the next….until nothing much more was ruined in the schoolhouse. In this time, where Sam worked in the institution from miss Katherine he fell in love v Katherine. ~ the last day he fixed something Katherine kissed Sam. They believed nobody witnessed them, but in this moment Hattie Parker went out of she house. At the finish of the day knew native this forbidden (because Sam is a Negro) kiss. For this reason Trout walker told the the police officer. However then the police officer wanted to kiss Katherine whereupon Katherine struggle the sheriff. The sheriff stated then he will certainly Sam cave up, because of his break the law. On the way to Sam Katherine witnessed the institution was smoking. ~ finding Sam he took a boat, however in this moment Walker´s boat crashed into this boat. Currently in the water he to be shot and killed. 3 days later on Katherine shooting the sheriff together a revenge. V red lips (because that the lipstick, i m sorry Stanley found) she kissed the dead sheriff. The next twenty years Kate to be feared.

After the 20 years she returned. What is happen? environment-friendly Lake is a ghost town! every the peach trees died and also there is a horrible emptiness. Some days she slept in a cabin and after a while Trout walker stand there v a redheaded woman. The woman had been in the fourth grade when Katherine was a teacher and she married Trout due to the fact that of his money. However all this money Trout asked her for the money she had stolen in every financial institution in the near. Katherine told them nothing about the money, since she had buried it. Trout and Linda hurt Katherine, since they want to know necessarily whereby the money is buried. Unexpectedly there was a lizard. Trout and also Linda do the efforts to death the lizard, but the lizard bite Katherine in she leg. Katherine died laughing, due to the fact that Trout again and also again asked because that the money.

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In mine opinion the story is a true tragedy. Katherine was a so an excellent woman. Yet when Sam passed away ,her anger to be going come be good and she ended up being devil.