Model sister Lizzy Jagger (top) and Georgia might Jagger (bottom) both speak to Mick Jagger dad. Photo: Getty
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Seventy-three-year-old rojo Stones rocker Mick Jagger and also his 30-year-old girl friend Melanie Hamrick have actually welrememberingsomer.comed a baby young – the eighth addition to Jagger’s ever-expanding brood.

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The baby, who name has actually not however been revealed, will have three half-brothers and also four half-sisters, varying in period from 17 to 46.

As a type of testimony to Jagger’s long and varied date history, his eight kids have five different mothers.

Jagger and Hamrick were supposedly “surprised and happy” to discover out Hamrick to be pregnant after about two years of dating.

While it will be the expert ballerina’s very first child, Jagger will be able to show her the ropes thanks to 46 years of experience raising kids, and five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Here’s what his 7 other kids have been up to in recent years.

Mick Jagger (centre) and also former mam Jerry room (to his right) with three of their children (from left) Gabriel Jagger, James Jagger and Georgia may Jagger. Photo: Getty

Karis hunting Jagger

Age: 46

Mother: Marsha Hunt

Occupation: Volunteer and also philanthropist

Although Jagger once declared he wasn’t her father in an effort to prevent paying boy support, he and also eldest daughter Karis Jagger currently share a close relationship. She was an especially instrumental in helping him cope through the self-destruction of his longtime partner L’Wren Scott in 2014.

Jagger’s just daughter with model and actress Marsha hunt – who he dated when he remained in his early 20s – Karis is a Yale graduate v a level in modern background and has actually dabbled in acting and also film production. She’s also worked together a volunteer teacher and also a philanthropist. Mick provided Karis away at her 2000 wedding come actor Jonathan Watson, through whom she has two children.

Karis is apparently shy, an extremely private and also far less fond of the general public eye than few of her better-known half-siblings.

Karis Jagger (right) v her half-sister, Jade Jagger, at Jade’s jewellery line launch.

Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger

Age: 45

Mother: Bianca Jagger

Occupation: Jewellery designer

With a mother like the glamorous actress Bianca Jagger, it provides sense Mick Jagger’s 2nd eldest kid Jade would seek a career in design. Born in Paris, Jade spent her younger years gift babysat by Andy Warhol and jet-setting around the world. Together she prospered older, she sculpted out a niche because that herself together a socialite and occasional model.

In 1996, Jade established her jewellery, Jade Inc, which makes deluxe pieces choose the ‘Jagger Dagger’, an 18-carat white gold sword. Recently, Jade was appointed an innovative director that a high-end home advancement in Mumbai, India.

Jade has two daughters, Amba and Assisi, and one son, Ray. In 2014 Assisi gave birth to her daughter Ezra, Mick’s first great-grandchild, the very same week Jade gave birth come Ray.

Jade Jagger is a effective jewellery designer. Photo: Getty

Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger

Age: 32

Mother: Jerry Hall

Occupation: Model and actress

New York-born Lizzie Jagger has complied with in the footsteps of her mother, American design Jerry Hall, by pursuing a effective career in the modelling industry. She’s operated for significant brands choose Chanel (she go in the brand’s fashion show at age 5) and also Tommy Hilfiger and has been the confront of cosmetics giant Lanrememberingsomer.come.

Although Lizzy is currently single, her mom is apparently playing matchmaker and also is no hope to discover her a husband. No indigenous on whether Mick is also involved in this endeavour.

Elizabeth Jagger, pictured here with she dad, go by her nickname, Lizzy. Photo: Getty

James Leroy Augustin Jagger

Age: 31

Mother: Jerry Hall

Occupation: Musician and also actor

So far, James Jagger is the only one of Mick’s offspring to seek a job in music. The handsome 31-year-old is a singer and guitarist because that punk-rock tape Turbogeist. He can act also – he’s appeared in number of stage plays and this year he scored a duty in the 70s-set HBO series Vinyl, with his father executive produced.

Although close with his father, James has defined his famous surname together “more that a curse 보다 a blessing”.

This year, the married his longtime partner, artist Anoushka Sharma.

Mick acrememberingsomer.companied his child James come the premiere that HBO’s display Vinyl, in which James stars. Photo: Getty

Georgia might Ayeesha Jagger

Age: 24

Mother: Jerry Hall

Occupation: Model

The spitting image of her design mother Jerry, Georgia may Jagger is among Mick’s many recognisable children, many thanks to a score of big modelling gigs and also high-profile celebrity friends.

Despite having an Instagram complying with of 825,000 people, Georgia May brought about a soft stir once she criticised the tendency of hiring models based upon their digital popularity, saying it “doesn’t really do sense”.

She is dating DJ mock McLellan-Ludlow, who is her brother James’s bandmate.

Georgia may Jagger inherited she mother’s model looks yet her dad’s renowned lips. Photo: Getty

Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger

Age: 19

Mother: Jerry Hall

Occupation: Model

In keeping with the remainder of his siblings, Gabriel Jagger, Mick’s youngest child with ex-wife Jerry, has also tried his hand in ~ modelling after ~ being convinced to pose because that a newspaper cover by his big sister, Jade. A rememberingsomer.committed fitness fanatic, the handsome teens is supposedly in talks to score his very first contract through a fragrance

Despite being born dyslexic, Gabriel is a lover and also writer the poetry, preferring to spend his work writing than browsing social media, wherein you won’t discover a trace of him.

Gabriel Jagger (left) with his version mother and also sister. Photo: Getty

Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

Age: 17

Mother: Luciana Gimenez

Occupation: Student

Mick’s connection with his youngest son had rocky beginnings. He to be still through Jerry Hall when he struck increase a seven-month relationship with Brazilian model and also television host Luciana Gimenez. Jerry left him as soon as Luciana revealed she was pregnant and Mick swiftly demanded a paternity test.

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After a two-year court fight over kid support, Mick and Luciana reached an undisclosed negotiation in 2001. Now, Mick and Lucas gain a close partnership and bond end a mutual love of football.