Kathy Sabine Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Husband, 9NEWS, KUSA, Salary and also Net Worth

Kathy Sabine is one American Emmy Award-Winning Meteorologist who is at this time the cook Meteorologist for 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

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Kathy Sabine Profile

Kathy Sabine is an American Emmy Award-Winning Meteorologist that is currently the chef Meteorologist because that 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. She joined the terminal in the feather of 1993. Before joining 9NEWS, she was functioning as Metelogiost at KOSI 101.1 and 98.5 KYGO.

Kathy Sabine Education

Sabine very first joined college wanting to it is in a veterinarian. She enrolled in ~ Cal Poly to study for her very first degree in veterinarian Science but later convert her significant to Journalism. She climate attended urban State college in Denver because that her level in Meteorology. She is also a graduate the Mississippi State University.

Kathy Sabine Career

After acquiring her an initial degree, Sabine started her tv career at the NBC affiliate in san Luis Obispo then went ~ above to work-related for alphabet in Santa Barbara, Fox in Salinas/Monterey, and ABC in san Jose California. She has likewise filled in top top the Today show in brand-new York for Al Roker during the week and Chief Meteorologist janice Huff indigenous WNBC in brand-new York on the weekend edition roughly three dozen times over the years.

Sabine joined 9NEWS in 1993 and also is the command forecaster top top the 4, 5, 6, 9, and also 10 p.m. Newscasts Monday with Friday. Except forecasting, she has actually spent time anchoring the news, reporting, producing, and writing. Additionally, Sabine spent time behind the scenes in production as a chyron operator, audio technician, camera operator, floor director, and also tape operator.

When she is no working, Sabine loves the outdoors and nature in her hometown the Truckee, a little mountain town in northern California near Lake Tahoe. She learned how to ski when she was two years and her family members was really involved in the ski industry when she to be a child. Girlfriend can additionally find she running, riding she horses, skiing, or hiking.

Throughout her career, Sabinehas winner awards because that storm chasing and was called the finest weathercaster by the Douglas ar Newspaper organization in number of editions. She has likewise been named “favorite news personality” and “best weather anchor” by Westword and also 5280 many times over the years.

Quick Facts around Kathy Sabine

She has actually been featured in sports Illustrated, zenit Woman, Men’s Health, Colorado Dogs and Cats Magazine, The Weather Channel Calendar, Rockies Magazine, and HerLife Magazine. Sabine’s story is not easily accessible on Wikipedia but her information deserve to be found on other sites on the internet.

Kathy Sabine Age

Sabine to be born on 3rd July in Truckee, California, joined States. Her age is not recognized for she has regulated to keep her an individual life private. However, she celebrate her birthday on 3rd July every year. However, she might be in she 50s.

Kathy Sabine Photo

Kathy Sabine Height

Sabine stands at a elevation of 5 feet 11 customs (1.80m) tall and also weighs around 58 kg (128 lbs.)

Kathy Sabine Family

Information regarding Sabine’s parents and siblings is right now under review. However, the information will it is in updated as quickly as it’s available.

Kathy Sabine Husband

Sabine is married come Scott Crawford because 2005. They organized their wedding ceremony in ~ Beaver Creek, Colorado. The pair has been blessed with two sons and a daughter and also they reside in Raleigh.

Kathy Sabine Salary

Sabine earns an yearly salary that $3.5 million or an ext working as the chief Meteorologist because that 9NEWS.

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Kathy Sabine net Worth

Sabine has actually an estimated net worth of $40 million i m sorry she has earned from she career as a Meteorologist.

Kathy Sabine 9 News

At 9 News Sabine functions alongside;

Kristen Aguirre – AnchorKyle Clark – AnchorNatasha Verma – AnchorKim Christiansen – AnchorSteve Staeger – AnchorRyan Haarer – AnchorNoel Brennan – ReporterAnusha Roy – ReporterJennifer Meckles – ReporterKatie Eastman – ReporterMarshall Zelinger – ReporterAlli Levine – ReporterSonia Gutierrez – JournalistJordan Chavez – JournalistDanielle Grant – MeteorologistBecky Ditchfield – MeteorologistArielle Orsuto – sporting activities Reporter and Multi-Skilled JournalistArran Andersen – sports Reporter and also Multi-Skilled JournalistMarc Sallinger – Multi-Media JournalistMatt Renoux – ReporterEddie Randle – ReporterAlexandra Lewis – AnchorLiz KotalikReporter

Kathy Sabine Twitter

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