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GettyLes Moonves.

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Moonves has actually been laying low ever because he left CBS, yet he recently made headlines because that walking stable a $120 million severance package that previously asserted was as result of him. Follow to the new York Post, Moonves agreed come drop his legal pursuit of the nine-figure package he lost when he to be fired in 2018 through CBS.

The company, which is currently ViacomCBS, revealed the its problem with Moonves end the severance to be “resolved” and also that “some money to be exchanged” together a result, every the Post. The severance payout reverted ago to the company and the entire settlement will now be donated to charity.

Is Moonves still Married to Chen?

GettyJulie Chen has actually said she supports her husband Les Moonves amid sex-related harassment allegations and also the two are still together.

In 2018, Chen verified support for she husband in a statement on Twitter, describing him together a “kind, decent and moral person being” in spite of the allegations against him. At the time, a resource told CNN the Chen vowed the her main emphasis was walking to it is in “clearing her husband’s name.”

Nearly 3 years later, Chen keeps her an individual life private and never articles photos v her husband on social media, however it is assumed she has actually stayed with him. Chen tho goes by Moonves’ last name, a surname she only took on professionally in 2018 during a well known “Big Brother” sign-off to show her solidarity through her husband, whom she married in 2004.

Chen has additionally leaned on her faith during the blatant time for she family. Her Instagram web page is filled through posts about faith and also family and she consistently shares inspirational conversation segments title “#God 101.”

The longtime “Big Brother” host once revealed on Larry King now that her mystery to dealing with problem in her marriage is to never ever say something that she will regret, however she listed that she does know how to “ice” someone out.

“I’m a really easygoing person,” she said. “I wake up up happy. And my husband, he has actually learned how to count to 10 backwards in his head. That says, ‘You have no idea how countless times i bite mine tongue.’ because the one time that didn’t—he doesn’t respond well to ice cream cold. I will certainly shut off and shut down. ”

“We really don’t fight,” she included of her marriage to Moonves.

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And it’s not choose the pair will ever before fight around Chen gift the single breadwinner these days. Even after his firing, Moonves had actually a network worth noted of much more than $400 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth. And also Chen still has actually an yearly income from CBS together the host of “Big Brother.” Cinemaholic reported that Chen earns in between 3 come 4 million dollars because that hosting every season of the CBS reality show. Not poor for a summer job.