Commiting to a gluten-free diet does NOT median that you need to be a teetolaler during the holidays. There are actually numerous alcoholic gluten-free drinks that room safe because that you if you’re in solemn event mode and also drinking through friends this vacation season or the rest of the year. I’m going to highlight some of the gluten-free drink options below so that you have actually a critical list to follow and go right into a festive evening through ‘eyes vast open.’

Gluten-free Beers:

Corona BeerDogfishTweason’s AleNew Planet’s Raspberry AleOmission Beer

You’ll discover lots of information on GF beers here and here (for details on Corona), so i won’t go into it too much here. Whether you want a nice light lager or a craft beer through depth, you have actually great gluten-free choices.

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Gluten-free Ciders:

Angry Orchard difficult Apple Cider—sweet and crisp difficult cider is uncovered in several stores and restaurants. The is mighty sweet, but really yummy too.StellaArtois Cidre—made from apples or pears. This tough cider is MUCH less SWEET than the angry Orchard version and is actually pretty delicious go the line in between wine and beer, but closer to beer.

Gluten-free Hard Liquor:

RUM (normally distilled from street cane, so pretty for sure for us gluten people.)

Bacardi remarkable is a an excellent one. Bacardi has evidenced they are without doubt gluten-free except for Bacardi Silver.Captain Morgan is also GF if you like dark rum.


Smirnoff—Smirnoff commodities are gluten-free, made with corn. Protect against the spices or the ice cream version.Tito’s is additionally a good affordable gluten-free choice. They space made in Texas and it is made out of corn.Ciroc is a good Vodka, that is made out of grapes, and also is additionally gluten free.Chopin-another an excellent option–potato based.


Most tequila’s are gluten-free. My favourite is Silver Patron. It often tends to provide me less of a hangover.If you’re trying to find a an ext affordable option, then Jose Cuervo is additionally gluten-free. From Jose: Being directly distilled spirits, all Jose Cuervo Tequilas are gluten free. In addition, Jose Cuervo really Cuervo Margaritas, Margarita Minis, and gold Margaritas are also gluten-free.”


Hendrick’s Gin-because the gluten is claimed to be distilled the end in the procedure of make gin, that is supposedly gluten-free….BUT i wouldn’t introduce it for someone who is actively trying to continue to be away indigenous gluten. Drink various other things, please.

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Bourbon is traditionally do of corn, but many brands currently use malt or barley. Maker’s Mark is the genuine deal and also is gluten-free yet the celiac.com’s website does say they usage some wheat therefore BOURBON is no RECOMMENDED.


Wine is normally gluten-free because it is made from grapes. Yay!

I recognize socializing can be difficult if you’re feeling restricted. Hopefully, this short article will assist you reap the holidays and have a drink through confidence. Please connect with Healthy swarm Nutrition if you have additional questions or desire to explore ‘your finest diet.’