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2003Q. I am concerned about the toxicity in making use of my hard NICKEL silver- Flatware set? room there chemical reactions to particular foods? deserve to I usage it safely, or must I dispose the this beautiful set? Thanks!Nancy C - Terrebonne, Oregon^2005Q. I check out Nancy, in Terrebonne, OR, had the exact same inquiry as me. In mine case, I have 2 nickel silver forks I usage for cooking as they are well balanced and long tined. Periodically I have the right to taste the copper. Is there any danger of toxicity indigenous nickel silver?Julia H - Seattle, Washington^
2007A. Hello, ladies. Nickel silver (also dubbed German Silver) actually does no contain any silver -- it is a copper-nickel alloy. German silver- may additionally contain zinc. Copper and zinc room not considered "food-safe" materials. This doesn"t typical that the flatware gift a serious hazard (as Paracelsus speak us, the difference between a medicine and a toxicity lies in the dose) -- but at finest it might mean an unpleasant metallic taste as you have currently noticed. These days nickel-silver is mostly used as the base for silverplate fairly than together a last finish; and also as a basic it is a strong, attractive, every around great material. If you have actually old and very worn silverplated flatware, you might well be seeing and tasting the basic nickel-silver.I would indicate that you one of two people retire them come a ar where they can be displayed off but not used or -- much better-- that you send them to a silver plating shop and also have them silver plated. Then they will certainly retain their beautiful shape and balance, and also you will store your memories, but they will now be food-safe and totally free of metallic taste.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - jaw Beach, brand-new Jersey^
April 22, 2008Q. I"m in the process of creating cutlery best now and I was analysis science journals, studies, top top the toxicity of various metals. And also it seemed that silver is rather dangerous, and also I would have thought no safe for making use of as cutlery? Furthermore, the opportunities of zinc overfill is an extremely slim, offered that it"s just plating, and also if anything, if you were to take any of the zinc in, it wouldn"t do any kind of harm, due to the fact that a majority of people, in details in America, have actually some degree of zinc deficiency. Surely zinc plating would be good to combat zinc deficiency if anything? It"s not prefer the people would be taking in the quantities that would certainly be had in a solitary zinc tablets. Yes? No?Michael Hood- Belfast, north Ireland, UK^
April 23, 2008A. Hi, Michael. Return you would not desire to eat or drink soluble silver salts, silver steel is something different entirely. Ns don"t think that over there is any danger whatsoever in solid silver- flatware or silver- plated flatware. Civilization have been safely using it for centuries (make that millennia).Zinc plating will certainly prove extremely unsatisfactory. The appearance will be devastating after exposure to foods, and the zinc will dissolve into strongly alkaline or strongly acidic foods. Whether enough zinc would dissolve to it is in a dietary concern is a subject for a dietitian, yet getting her zinc from a dissolving complete on flatware sounds favor a very poor dosing strategy :-)Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, new Jersey^June 3, 2008A. Worrying potential benefits of zinc-plating to boost zinc intake in typically zinc-deficient populations: Zinc is the mineral with the lowest toxicity level, around 4 times the RDA (around 10 mg for an adult). Fortunately, it additionally has the mildest symptoms--vomiting etc. It commonly occurs when one imbibes a great quantity of one acidic beverage in zinc-treated containers...think Planter"s punch made in a zinc-metal trash have the right to at a college party. The course, God only knows simply what amount zinc is leaching right into the acidic beverage from ours zinc-plated container. The best way to increase zinc usage is through the diet, whereby dosage is naturally an ext predictable and also toxicity extremely unlikely. Great food sources of zinc are practically always high protein foods--meats(particularly oysters) and to a lesser extent, legumes--and fortified cereals.Cindy Walker- Houston, Texas^
December 16, 2009!! in reality cutlery made from zinc-copper bronze would certainly be the safest different to steel cutlery yet nobody appears to make it. I work with a medical professional of Toxicology (Dr. Raymond Peat from Eugene Oregon) and he has been advising people avoid stainless steel through nickel in the kind of pots, pans and cutlery for decades. To test her stainless ware for security all you need to do is watch whether a magnet sticks to it or not. If a magnet sticks climate it is "nickel free" stainless steel and also therefore safer. Companies must list your stainless steel together either 18/10 / 18/8 or 18/0 (the 18 refers to the chromium content and also the 10 or 8 or 0 refers to the nickel content) for this reason if correctly labeled climate 18/0 would certainly be nickel-free and also a magnet will stick. The reason providers use nickel is due to the fact that it helps the stainless to retain the shine longer than without yet this is in ~ the cost of ours health. Silver- is toxicity as a ahead writer listed but walk not present as much of a problem as nickel stainless stole in the type of cutlery.Sarah Murray- Whitethorn, California^
December 16, 2009A. Hi, Sarah. Thanks for the amazing perspective top top safety, yet that is not the reason that high quality stainless steel has nickel. It contains nickel due to the fact that this makes it far much more rust resistant and also corrosion resistant. These pages are overflowing v complaints of rusty stainless flatware and also stainless steel refrigerators as manufacturers switch from 18/10 or 18/8 to 18/0 for cost savings since of the high price of nickel.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine Beach, brand-new Jersey^December 17, 2009Thank girlfriend for her reply, Ted. Well, that is just one of the reasons they usage nickel in stainless stole cutlery due to the fact that it help it to maintain the bright longer...but if they desire to use nickel in stainless steel appliances that are not touching our food then our health will no be compromised. That is a good thing for our wellness that the price that nickel is climbing as providers are switching to nickel complimentary stainless steel and so what if we eat a small rust, this is far less dangerous than the unseen toxic nickel...besides, if one cares for your cutlery climate it shouldn"t rust especially because it would certainly be "stainless" steel, the crucial word is "less" stain...My grandmother always hand washed and dried she stainless stole cutlery reasoning it would rust if she didn"t, thus her cutlery is in perfect condition with shine even today (and it to be nickel free=magnetic stainless steel). And also I think we have to avoid labeling things as "high" quality as soon as that quality may be based on appearance but not lengthy term health and wellness effects...Beware of "high quality" stainless steel as it most absolutely will save nickel, a toxic element not expected to it is in ingested. It might not it is in advertised or publicly taught but in time hope the medical research that our taxes dollars pay for will affect the industry, or if civilization educate themselves enough then they deserve to insist the market provide them with much safer alternatives, i.e. Nickel cost-free magnetic stainless stole cutlery and also cookery or even far better a new type of cutlery made from zinc-copper bronze.Sarah Murray- Whitethorn, California^December , 2009Hi again, Sarah. You"re certainly welcome come eat with whatever cutlery you want and also to lobby because that whatever changes you wish to. However implants are always 18/10 stainless steel (type 316), 18/0 can"t even be considered. Surgical tools are always 18/10 stainless stole (type 316), never ever 18/0. Food & pharmaceutical manufacturers and dairies must always use 18/10 in your production, never 18/0 -- i m sorry exhibits markedly worse corrosion resistance. Again, ns don"t speak to 18/8 and 18/10 "high quality" based upon "shininess", but due to the fact that it"s far an ext stable, rust-free and also corrosion resistant (and fairly a bit more expensive), and because that doesn"t need the babying that 18/0 requires. Not everybody is willing to hand wash based on the latest "toxic timebomb in her kitchen" rumor that the day. And when I"ve supplied the exact same stainless flatware because that decades and also it looks and also feels specifically the same after 25+ year of scrubbing and automatic dishwashing, the lot of nickel i & my family members & our guest all placed together have ingested indigenous it end the totality course the 25 years is not even measurable.I don"t difficulty your employer"s research, yet personally don"t discover the problem compelling because there appears to be comparable worry about steel, aluminum, teflon coated, copper, zinc, chrome, bronze, and also ceramic food surfaces too -- and you claim that silver- is toxicity as well. With constant listeria, e coli, and salmonella outbreaks ... Persistent pesticides on our fruit .... Genetic engineering of our corn and vegetables .... Antibiotics in ours meat ... And also non-inspected food imported native every hovel in the 3rd world, the makes much more sense to me to focus my fist on what is on mine fork 보다 on what is in the :-)But many thanks again! I"m not right here to controversy with human being nor come presume come lecture them ... Just to assist us all discover answers; and also perhaps your answers room as great or much better than mine.Best regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine Beach, brand-new Jersey^December 18, 2011

There is a zinc-copper alloy, it"s common, it"s called brass. That doesn"t taste great and reacts through food, no thank you. I"ll take it bronze ware and also 18/10 stainless any kind of day.

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A Zeleny- mountain Francisco, California, USA^
December 14, 2011

Q. I"ve been researching stainless stole flatware and also silverplate in preparation to to buy a brand-new set and also came across your letters. Coincidentally, breaking news around arsenic, chrome and nickel in apple and grape juice is now hitting. Now I"m running roughly the residence with mine magnet checking my steel utensils and wondering just how much chrome and nickel my grandkids are and have been ingesting and also if this "secret" ingredient has anything to execute with add and ADHD type problems. Can/will you make an updated statement regarding this situation? thanks much.

Mary Ann BleichRetired, at home - Northfield Center, Ohio, USA^
December 14, 2011Hi, mar Ann. I operation a steel rememberingsomer.com website. Ns am no an epidemiologist specializing in nickel and chrome, nor add and ADHD, and also I cannot sell the classic research info you seek. If you feeling that ray Peat is authoritative, you deserve to certainly shot his site. But nickel and also chrome space expensive metals, so the sellers emphasize exactly how much of these metals are in their flatware, no how tiny -- so ns don"t recognize calling castle "secret" ingredients.If convenient, please carry out a recommendation for the "arsenic, chrome and nickel in apple and also grape juice" the you suggest to as I"m not familiar with it. Thanks!Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, brand-new Jersey^February 22, 2012

I think the an enig ingredients the the previous poster to be referring to, room the people that service providers don"t perform or refuse come share, once a human being or company specifically inquiry it.Companies will certainly oftentimes hide behind rule like: "Well it"s trade keys we don"t desire our competition come know."There can be other additives added to gain the bonding of various ingredients come bond better, provide a specific look, durability, etc. Companies might use chemistry or steels banned or to be shunned for possible health problems. They will frequently use "trade secret"/ "ingredient secrets" clause to hide this fact.Why would certainly there be an enig ingredients in first place other than obvious trade secret? Companies recognize if your product has "KNOWN ISSUES" and also the customer is informed and educated to these facts before hand, the consumer would not BUY said products or services. The is why most companies desire their consumers totally in the dark till after ~ the consumer forks over your meager $$. In today"s mostly unregulated economic situation with marginal returns, companies ARE and also WILL perform anything to store the customer in the dark and also PREVENT the customer from making an education decision.By the way, I choose the post in that ns was considering gaining nickel plated actors iron skillet because that induction cooking. Any kind of thoughts regarding the safety of this option, since it is a relatively new company that renders this product (they speak they been doing it because 2005). The allude of "FDA approved nickel impregnated cast iron" is heat retention through the corrosion resistance that nickel and the absence of seasoning and flavor storage that deserve to be provided in a induction cooking. And also it is 3 times harder 보다 stainless steel. Not to mention heavy, 13 customs skillet is 7 lb. Below is a quote around not every nickel is produced equal as follows from the site which is owned by the claimed company:" Q: Is the Nickel pure Nickel?A: No. This is an FDA encourage nickel composite which passes military Spec. # C-26074, and all required tests. The applications is non-electrolytic." ...Q: Is the Nickel NSF approved?A: Yes. It has actually been provided for years in the produce of food handling equipment. Machines that do pancakes, pizzas, pre-made frozen eatables, etc. Have to be cleaned with solid detergents to prevent bacterial growth and rust. Nickel has been supplied to maintain the integrity of these components. "Problem v nickel fear is civilization are "NOT BEING certain ENOUGH" about which is which. Corey

Corey Jacob- Rochester, Minnesota, USA^February 23, 2012Hi, Corey.Companies can"t hide your ingredients from the regulation agents, but yes, sales & marketing world are trained to market "benefits" quite than "features/details". Seldom are lock trying come hide threats (which can an outcome in huge product legal responsibility payouts), yet they execute obfuscate and try to sell sophisticated words rather than facts. If you monitor the attach to the Mil-C-26074 spec you mentioned, you"ll watch that both army & industry professionals contact the finish "electroless nickel plating"; in a entirety lifetime of life & breathing nickel electroplating and electroless plating, I have actually never heard your flowery phrase "non-electrolytic nickel impregnated", demonstrating the allude :-)Regarding "known issues", you re welcome remember that the media to know that world will stay up because that the 11 o"clock news if the teaser is "Toxic time bomb in your kitchen?", yet never because that "Pots and pans space safe". Similarly, together H l Mencken observed long ago, the totality aim of politics is to conjure increase hobgoblins the politicians deserve to then promise to protect you from. The result of this is that you never hear reassurance, you never hear balance, you never hear a feeling of relationship ... But always only are afraid mongering ... So there room "Issues" through every material known to man. So, sure, come the level practical, salespeople won"t often mention what something is made the end of, because no issue what the is made out of, over there are always "Issues" :-) Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, brand-new Jersey^
March 2, 2012

Q. hi folks and also thanks an extremely much for this forum. Hope someone have the right to answer mine question. I have actually a collection of six broad-bladed cutlery velvet stamped "Wear-Wite Stainless Nickel silver- Sheffield". This look like very broad-bladed butter knives/fish knives. The blade (unlike a typical butter knife) is symmetrical and also begins small (slightly huge then the broad of the handle, broadens out and tapers to a tip close to the end. Each item is contempt rounded ~ above the bottom of the blade, rather heavy and also measures 20.5 centimeter (or for you americans 8 inches) long. Any aid appreciated. Thanks.Cheers from new Zealand.Peter

Peter Wells- Wellington, brand-new Zealand^
March 2, 2012A. Hi, Peter.From the stamping, castle sound favor they are made that nickel silver. This is a nickel alloy with no actual silver- in it, the is normally silver plated. If it is not silver plated, it sounds choose it would offer you one "off" metallic taste. However as long as you are not eating turn off of them, it"s most likely no problem.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - jaw Beach, brand-new Jersey^
October 21, 2012

Q. This is a time sensitive concern --I am cooking a soup and without reasoning I positioned a Christofle little spoon top top the side of the pot come leave some room in between the pot and also its cover. The Christofle spoon I believe is make of some silver alloy and also was make in France. No idea of how old this spoon is, however I enjoy it and also have no trouble using it occasionally since it is just lovely.Back come the question, the spoon usually cooked along with the soup for around two hours and also now i am came to that too much silver or other metal leaked in the soup and pose a danger. The pot was on high warmth for at the very least 1 hour. By the moment I retrieved it, the spoon had actually turned dark shade like oxidized silver however it was no as warm as ns would have actually expected it. Perform I litter the soup the end or eat it?Thanks because that the help and hi to every from beautiful St.Croix in the Virgin archipelago

Valeria Gasperi- Christiansted, St.Croix V.I. USA^
October 22, 2012A. Hello Valeria. I checked out St. Croix and Christiansted about 3 years ago and agree the you room writing from an absolutely beautiful place. Sorry that a publicly forum isn"t a an excellent place because that time-sensitive questions, due to the fact that people may not weigh in because that a week or a month or even more.The boiling point of water is a just 100 °C (212 °F); the boiling allude of soup might be a pair of degrees higher if quite salty, however you can"t get it any hotter than its boiling point. Therefore the component of the spoon that was in the soup to be at many boiling temperature, and also the rest of the spoon just can"t obtain much name is while many of the is held to boiling temperature. This isn"t also close come halfway in the direction of the melting suggest of any kind of metal. Yes, the silver tarnished, from eggs or various other sulfur-ish food, however the silver tarnish is quiet on the spoon, no in the soup, and wouldn"t be dangerous even if the was. Bon Appetit.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, brand-new Jersey^
November 4, 2012

Thank you, Ted, for the service listed by this website and thanks specifically to the contributor who worked for the Eugene Toxicologist because that the specifics about the nickel content of stainless steel. Now I know which type of stainless flatware to search for for my an individual use and also to recommend to mine family and friends <18/0 of course>.

Ken ScottMind/Body Health facility - Bend, Oregon^
January 11, 2013

Q. Ns am right into flatware business. Base metal used in ~ my workshop is cast brass. I beg your pardon is the most food safe plating for my flatwares. My preferences are chrome and nickel plating.

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Tejas Soni- Jaipur, Rajasthan, India^
January 15, 2013A. Hi Tejas. Silver- is certain the most proper plating for flatware. I suppose electroless nickel is a possibility; however I don"t choose the idea of getting affiliated with a skin allergen choose nickel. Good luck.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine tree Beach, new Jersey^
May 9, 2013

Q. Good day Ted,Thank you for all your responses and also information. That is an extremely true that every medium you use has actually "issues" and also it"s really about which is the best for it"s purpose rather than which is safe and which isn"t.Cutlery handle made native a Zinc alloy and nickel plated room quite common in south Africa. Among the factors for no making that EPNS is that the great of silver is therefore thin the it tarnishes fairly easily. Is this end up acceptable in the USA and elsewhere? give thanks to you.

Tina CartwrightAndy C - Durban, southern Africa^
May 9, 2013A. Hello Tina. I don"t recognize of any reason come think this complete would be i can not accept in the USA or anywhere. However regulations space complicated, so ns apologize yet I can"t guarantee that there room no rules all over that discourage or preclude it. And also whatever you do it out of, someone somewhere will accuse girlfriend of trying to poison them :-)Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Aloharememberingsomer.com - pine Beach, new Jersey^(you room on the first page that the thread)Next page >

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