I live in one apartment and also my neighbors son has actually turned off the power to my apartment twice. The very first time the did that I educated my Landlord and also he stated there was nothing he could do about it. And today the 2nd time he did it I referred to as the police. Is it against the regulation to mess with the fuse box? need to my neighbor be evicted for tampering with the electric units? and last but not the very least why has actually my landlord excellent nothing around it?

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A fuse crate is situated within the apt. That is shutting turn off from the main electrical panel right into the structure ? You need to contact you electric company explain the situation and have castle secure it. Your LL is one idiot, but you recognize that.


It"s possible that the fuse crate is located external the apartment. My brothers once stayed in a house that had the circut breaker box located on the outside wall. It appears strange to me, for specifically the factor the OP gives--nothing to protect against someone from coming follow me and transforming the strength to the residence off.

OP--contact the electric firm and see if they deserve to put a lock or miscellaneous on the box. If not, contact the landlord and give him the choice of locking package (if that is allowed by code) or paying to relocate the crate to inside your apartment. It have the right to be done, however it will expense the landlord money.

If the landlord refuses, I"d allude out that this is a flaw that knows about and has control over. Any damages to your belongings, such as food in the freezer that defrosts since the strength is out, could an extremely likely be his responsibility. Or if your electrical bill rises sharply, because the strength went out prior to you left home, and you forgot to revolve off the air conditioner or something--again, you can probably take it him to tiny claims court end the cost.

I"m curious as to what the police said?

It might not be possible to evict your neighbor since of she son"s actions. How old is the son? and also eviction have the right to take months, relying on your state"s laws.


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Outside electrical panels space conman in some areas often out west however not in the phibìc east as result of the weather and also such. I agree her landlord is one idiot for saying he can do nothing. He needs to speak to the neighbor if they room his tenants also and phone call the mother and the boy that this is not acceptable and also it deserve to not continue. I execute not know how old this son is yet I am certain he is old sufficient to understand why he must not be tampering with your utility services.

Being a Landlord myself I would certainly not allow this walk if I gained a complaint prefer this. What ns would carry out would it is in to talk to the parent and child permit them understand the factors why us don"t do this and that its not funny due to the fact that your food can get ruined and I would certainly state the if the child turned of you power and that taken place they had actually to salary to change anything damaged no me. Climate if the kid did the again I would certainly send a written warning the they room breaking over there lease by law this due to the fact that my lease claims that renters are not to harass stroked nerves or carry out anything to refuse other citizens reasonable peace and also enjoyment. By transforming of your power at random you never recognize if the lights will certainly go out on girlfriend or friend come house to a fridge of spoiled food and that is no way to live therefore they would certainly be warned that I might not continue there lease if this continues and my leases space all month come month therefore I can tell castle they acquired to go on 30 days an alert here. And also the local regulations with not defend them from being evicted in in PA since the lease is increase every month and will renew till either party claims it don"t anymore upon notice.

I learned this when I had a tenant harbor a fugitive in my rental in the same building I live in. The marshals came in on me at 5am and also cuffed me searching for him not her place. I didn"t to trust her and wanted she out however couldn"t evict as long as the year lease wasn"t up and also she was paying she rent, she did protect against paying and I gained her evicted however your landlord might not have this sort of lease or legislations in her area could limit what deserve to be excellent