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I just read what the vanilla is no gluten free if it has actually an alcohol base?? go anyone recognize this to be true? A lot of of articles I have been looking in ~ on here for the holidays have receipes that use vanilla i am confused.

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Depression, asthma, a million enviromental allergies, psoriasis,

fatigue, sleepy after ~ eating, excessive IBS symptoms, muscle and also body pain apon waking, acne

when ns never had it before - all arisen (or in ~ least ended up being obvious) in the last 5 years

Diagnosed Gluten Intolerant November "07

Happily (for the most part) gluten cost-free for 3 months, go me!




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I simply read somewhere the vanilla is no gluten complimentary if it has an alcohol base?? does anyone know this to be true? A lot of of short articles I have been looking in ~ on below for the holidays have actually receipes that usage vanilla i am confused.

HI, ok below we go.. McCormicks-- the Vanilla is gluten-free-- why? since the "alchol" in it is snythesized-- that is male made-- lock told me it is safe- I use it for my daughter -- in she pancakes to add a tiny extra flavor-- she has had no problems.. Mc Cormicks is great- if they add something to their commodities it is detailed on there.

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My sister once told me that she has not once uncovered a vanilla with gluten in the yet--I perform not worry around it. She bakes for this reason much and is a, to add a dietician--so I perform value her opinion.


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