I've heard a lot of of world say this for a long time, however I don't think that's the case. On the Minecraft Wiki, it says that Emerald Ore make the efforts to generate 11 times per chunk in groups of 1, while Diamond Ore make the efforts to generate 1 time per chunk in teams of approximately 8. That would mean that Emerald is more common come find, wouldn't it?

And just due to the fact that Emerald is exclude, to mountains doesn't median it's rare either, especially due to the fact that Mountain biomes arent hard to find. If you dug around in the Mountains, you'd probably run into much more Emerald veins, but find an ext Diamonds just due to the fact that they generate in larger groups.

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you'd probably run into much more emerald veins, however find an ext diamonds just because they spawn in a enlarge groups

You answered your own question, Emerald veins are much more common 보다 diamonds, (assuming you're mining in the right biome) however emeralds themselves aren't (if we overlook the arguably broken trading mechanics)

I simply never really saw Emeralds together rare since I'd discover it so often, even if it remained in a very tiny vein. Ignoring actual life populace statistics, it would certainly be favor a entirety bunch that Lions scattered across an infinite savanna next to a whole bunch of even an ext scattered herds the gazelles. You'd operation into more lions, but in the long run you'd watch a higher quantity that gazelles when you did discover them

They really are much more rare 보다 diamonds in game. If they are slightly much more plentiful than Diamonds in the areas that you have the right to mine them, it’s maybe one more on average.

One extra emerald ore every chunk doesn’t comprise for the variety of biomes the they merely don’t generate in if diamonds have the right to still it is in mined. I’ve never had actually massively expansive hill ranges however I have had enormous oceans.

Emerald ore yes, AFAIK that generates in ~ the same rate or similar to diamonds yet only in choose biomes conversely, diamond ore generates everywhere.

Emeralds? no, you can acquire them from villagers easily or amass absolutely lots with a raid farm.

There are much less mountain biomes than various other biomes, so correct they are an ext rare. But you have the right to autofarm emeralds you i do not know autofarm diamonds.

emeralds space a renewable resource. Diamonds are not. Over there is a finite variety of diamonds in one area and when you mine them all they are gone forever. Emeralds can be got via trading. You have the right to trade renewable (farmable) resources for emeralds. Thus, emeralds are boundless in quantity and also renewable.

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you want emeralds? i'll avoid by mine manual chop farm and also harvest part wheat and also potatoes. As soon as i'm done through that i commonly walk away v 22 blocks of emeralds.