one-of-a-kind Encore Presentation: unique Encore Presentation: The questions You space too afraid to asking Your own Doctor!May 31, 2012Hosted by Dr. Robert Rey, with Co-Host Natalie Day

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Dr. Robert Rey M.D: world renowned surgeon will certainly be having actually a live call in session because that his listeners around the globe. This is a chance for friend the pan to contact in and also ask Dr. Rey virtually anything friend would choose from cosmetic procedures and diet come sex and even relationships! Dr. Rey will certainly be tackling the though inquiries without prejudice from listeners via Facebook/Twitter or the contact in line. Song in, this is one show you don’t want to miss!


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“On the Radio with Dr. Rey” is a talk present that knows no limits! every week a variety of topics room covered, indigenous health, plastic surgery, celebrity, sex, parenting, politics and also more. A human being traveler and also celebrity doctor, Robert Rey it is provided controversial opinions and also laugh-out-loud commentary. He says, "We talk around all those things you space afraid to ask your doctor or therapist!" track in every Thursday at 2PM Pacific Time top top the variety Channel. For an ext information and chances to win free gifts, visit and join his society media neighborhood at, Twitter handle

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This routine moves to selection at 2 afternoon Pacific starting Sep 22Dr. Robert Rey specialization in MINIMAL SCAR Plastic Surgery. By dealing with a big number of film, television and also fashion industry patients, Dr. Rey is keenly aware of the importance of minimal or no scars and also is highly dedicated to a herbal look. Dr. Rey perfect a plastic surgical treatment fellowship in ~ Harvard clinical School"s Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. The emphasis of this fellowship was generally in the locations of breast and also cosmetic surgery. He is also fully trained as a Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgeon.Dr. Rey starred in the optimal rated, an international hit series, Dr. 90210, ~ above the E! Channel. The has likewise served as a special clinical correspondent for CBS, entertain Tonight, and The Insider because that 5 years. He has actually served as a medical reporter on Telemundo for two years. He has actually made guest appearances on plenty of shows, together as: NBC’s Jay Leno, ABC’s The View, Dr. Phil, good Morning America, and Today Show. Dr. Rey has practiced the martial arts for 35 years and also has training in Copoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Greco roman inn Wrestling, and also Jaet Kune Do. He holds black color belts in Tae Kwon Do and also Hapkido. He practice daily and rests on Sunday. His diet is a amendment Paleo diet. As well as fruits, vegetables and also lean meats he likewise adds yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats and also other legumes in moderation because of their muscle building and cardiovascular safety properties. He stays in Beverly Hills with his wife, Hayley, and his two children Sydney and Robby.