Informal. A grown man, especially when referred to familiarly: He liked to pat poker v the boys.

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boys, (used with a singular or many verb) a variety of sizes from 8 come 20 in garments made for boys. A garment in this dimension range. The room or section of a save where these clothes are sold.
Disparaging and Offensive. A term used to refer to or address a man taken into consideration by the speaker to be worse in ethnicity, nationality, or work-related status.
Offensive. (in India, China, Japan, etc.) a indigenous male servant, working as a butler, waiter, houseboy, etc.
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First taped in 1250–1300; center English boy(e), probably after Old English Bōia a man's name; cognate through Frisian boi “young man”; akin come Old English bōfa, Old norse bōfi, Old High German Buobo a man's name (German Bube “knave” (dialectal “boy, lad”)
During the slavery and also Jim raven eras, white southerners would use the term young to refer to or resolve a black adult male, implying that Black human being were inferior. In the an interpretation “native male servant,” young was originally supplied in early american territories and in the port of China, Japan, etc., with which trade with foreign countries was allowed by unique treaty.

Like girl, young dates back to about 1250–1300. Likewise like the word girl, the ultimate beginning of words boy is obscure.

There room some ideas to the roots of boy, however. It could be based upon the Old English Bōia, a male provided name. Furthermore, boy is concerned the prije person boi, “young man,” and also the German Bube, “knave, boy, lad.” (Frisian, a language talked in the north Netherlands, is the germanic language most carefully related to English.) Interestingly, the German feeling of “knave” is near in definition to “male servant,” among the earliest provides of boy. 

Boy isn’t alone: it finds too many of agency in other English words that seem an easy but whose origins are not. Discover much more in our slideshow “‘Dog,’ ‘Boy,’ and also Other words That we Don’t know Where They came From.”

While boy usually way a masculine child, there are multiple instances wherein boy describes a young adult or adult man. For instance, a boy band is often consisted of of young adult masculine performers, and also a cowboy is a guy that works on a ranch with cows. Adult males may also sometimes refer to his buddies as his guys or the boys. Parents will also frequently refer to their sons together their boys regardless of their age. Boy appears in many expressions, from bad boy to boy five boy!

Please note: calling black adult guys or various other male members that minority groups boy is offensive. Check out our usage Note for more important context.

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“Dog,” “Boy,” and also Other indigenous That we Don’t understand Where They came FromEven the humblest the words can have the most obscure origins. Let"s walk v the story of some usual words to see just how puzzling lock are.
lad, fellow, youth, youngster, child, guy, buck, puppy, stripling, runt, punk, dude, cadet, chap, master, sprout, squirt, junior, sonny, gamin