From these words alone (so, there is no appealing to different versions, translations, likelihoods that names, etc.), is there some way to decide whether the surname Bingo applies to the farmer or the dog?

I"ve in reality met an irish farmer (nick)named Bingo and a Kiwi dog named Bingo. Ns guess my other question is: am i the only one who wonders about this once hearing this rhyme?



In part sentences, the is not feasible to identify the antecedent of a pronoun with 100% certainty. This sentence is one such example. Commonly the determination is based upon the paper definition of the sentence. As soon as in doubt, the nearest sensible noun is most likely to it is in the antecedent, however this presumption is not constantly correct.

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In this details case and also adhering to the limitations in your question, I would assume the the dog"s surname is Bingo based upon the proximity of the indigenous "dog" and also "his". Unfortunately there is no means to recognize definitively who name-o is Bingo.

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Analyzing this sentence linguistically needs us to overlook the particular name "Bingo" and the specific nouns "man" and also "dog", and instead assume the these room generic reality that have actually the possession relationship, have the right to be named, and are the the correct syntactic gender.

So let us convert this sentence into

There to be a Klingon had actually a brother and Krzakh to be his name.

Now, is Krzakh the Klingon or the brother?

I would guess the it is the Klingon. The evidence is no strong, however the subject of the sentence is clearly the Klingon, not his brother, so the brand-new information appears to suggest at the former. If I wanted to allude explicitly at the brother, I can have used

There to be a Klingon who had actually a brother, and his brother"s name was Krzach.

I could also use one of two people "and the brother"s name" or "and the man"s name". This two room parallel structures. However here"s the thing; there is no parallel come "and his brother"s name" except,, "and his name". So mine intuitive ear concludes again that, if "his name" is used, it is probably the Klingon.

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With the yes, really nouns and also names this logic may not work so fine anymore, and also the sentence can be taken both ways, i m sorry is unfortunate. If you don"t compose poetry (or try to amuse her readers in various other ways), pick your words closely to avoid ambiguity.