Whether you"re a fan of the flicks or not, over there is no denying that the Twilight movie series ruled the late "00s. Twilight"s vampire/human love story assisted kick off the mainstream vampire trend that covered the adhering to decade, and a many of human being flocked to the cineplex come see exactly how each chapter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen"s romance would unfold. (And us aren"t kidding as soon as we say "a lot"; as Forbes noted, the Twilight franchise raked in a severe amount the money.) Twihards obtained an even bigger treat as soon as the real Bella and also Edward took your love off screen. Gibbs Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson date for an ext than 3 years before breaking up in 2013; their actual love story didn"t last forever favor Edward and also Bella"s did.

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During your both on and also off display romance, they to be the "it couple." Fans to be so i heard with everything Stewart and Pattinson did, the they even came up through the ship surname "Robsten" for the duo. And despite your split, part diehard pan still have entire accounts dedicated to their erstwhile romance. 

Yes, Stewart and also Pattinson have moved on. And like countless of their fellow Twilight cast members, they have actually gone top top to uncover the actual life Bella to their Edward. For this reason let"s dive into the actual life partner of the actors of Twilight.

Ever due to the fact that Kristen Stewart stole our hearts as Bella Swan, fans have wondered about who she"s dating. Stewart entered into a partnership with Twilight co-star Robert Pattison in 2009, and he was, together she claimed on a 2019 episode of The Howard Stern Show, her "first love." yet amid her connection with Pattinson, rumors started to swirl roughly that Stewart cheated top top Pattinson with her Snow White & The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Together TooFab noted, Stewart said Howard Stern that she to be "really young" and also "made some mistakes," however it seems like there"s no bad blood between herself and Pattinson. She even called him "the best."

Stewart, who has actually come out together bisexual, has remained in a couple of other high-profile romances due to the fact that the Robsten era. From 2017 come 2019, she was in an on-again, off-again relationship with model Stella Maxwell. But that all stopped in 2019 once Stewart met screenwriter Dylan Meyer (as much as we recognize there"s no relation to Twilight author Stephanie Meyer). Page Six reported the the 2 were an initial seen smooching out in public in respectable 2019, and also ever because then, Meyer has actually shared adorable picture of castle on her social media pages. And it seems choose Meyer may be "the one" because that Stewart. In the aforementioned interview with Stern, she revealed she "can"t f****** wait" to propose to she girlfriend.

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Along through being a well-respected actor, Robert Pattinson has additionally become one of the most sought after guys in Hollywood. As HollywoodLife noted, after his relationship with Kristen Stewart, Pattinson was reportedly connected to a number of celebrities, such as Katy Perry and FKA Twigs. HollywoodLife also reported that Pattinson and also FKA Twigs even got involved after simply months the dating. The two ended up splitting up in 2017 with a source telling the outlet the their "very busy schedules" were the key reason why the two never ever made it to the altar.

Shortly after ~ his romance through FKA Twigs ended, Pattinson started dating version Suki Waterhouse. The couple was very first spotted in July 2018, when E! News derived photos of them hanging the end together. And also although Pattinson and also Waterhouse didn"t officially confirm the romance at the time, a source told Us Weekly the they"d already "been dating for months." The two ongoing to be photographed out and about together over the year without speak much about their relationship in interviews. In September 2019, a photographer post a rare photo of the two of them, confirming they were still together. And also while the duo has been at the center of engagement rumors, endured a COVID-19 diagnosis, and also have been with each other for year now, lock still stay tight-lipped about their romance. The privacy seems to be functioning for castle though, so every the power to them! 

While Taylor Lautner"s Twilight character didn"t end up winning Bella"s heart, his actual love life has been under a microscope ever since he shot to fame. And since his Jacob black color days, Lautner has actually dated quite a couple of A-listers. As J-14 noted, "there been rumors that he"s been in relationships with Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, Ashley Benson, Olivia Holt, billy Lourd and also more." But if Lautner might or may not have actually dated his same share that starlets, he found true love external the Hollywood scene.

In October 2018, Lautner go Instagram main with his present girlfriend Tay Dome. Follow to her Instagram page, Dome is a registered nurse and lifestyle influencer. For your Instagram debut, the two dressed as members the the Space Jam song Squad because that Halloween and looked absolutely adorable. And also they"ve stayed adorable. In December 2020, Dome shared a take self she snapped v Lautner and wrote, "I undoubtedly have the ideal boyfriend ever." and on New Year"s job 2021, Dome posted part photos she and also Lautner took together while hiking. "My favorite component of every year," she wrote. These 2 really couldn"t be cuter!

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As Twilight fans know, Ashley Greene"s character, Alice Cullen, to be married come Jasper Hale. In actual life, Greene has likewise found the "love of her life." follow to People, Greene began dating Australian TV host Paul Khoury in 2013. The 2 got involved in December 2016 and also at the time of their engagement, Greene required to Instagram and wrote, "I can"t wait to present you mine unfaltering immeasurable love for the rest of our lives. #engaged #loveofmylife." Brides reported that Greene and also Khoury gained married in July 2018 in mountain Jose, California in former of a bunch of various other celebs. 

The two seem to it is in super happy, and also they constantly gush about each other on social media. Once it came time come ring in 2021, the husband and wife mutual their brand-new Year"s on Instagram. And when they reached their second wedding anniversary in 2020, Khoury required to Instagram and also wrote, "You understand you"re in love as soon as you can"t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams. 2 years ago you make me the happiest guy in the world! Love you my wife!
ashleygreene." Looks prefer a Twilight level love story is totally possible in genuine life too!

Nikki Reed the Twilight married who from one more vampire series

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While Nikki Reed"s personality Rosalie Hale constantly envied Bella Swan"s capacity to have actually a baby, Reed actually has a daughter that her own in actual life. Reed is married to fellow actor Ian Somerhalder... Who likewise happens to be a (fictional) vampire, too. Somerhalder played Damon Salvatore top top the present The Vampire Diaries, i m sorry premiered a year after the an initial Twilight film to be released. As Us Weekly recalled, Reed and also Somerhalder acquired together in 2014 and had a "whirlwind romance," noting that the 2 got engaged "just 6 months ~ they started dating." A resource told the publication, "They were friends before, the groundwork had been to adjust before. Lock had always been attractive to each other, but always in an additional relationship. It might seem quick, however they knew it was right."

The couple was so sure around their love, that they bound the knot in April 2015, simply a few months after acquiring engaged. I guess the saying "when friend know, friend know" really rang true because that these two! lock eventually became a household of three: Reed and Somerhalder invited their first kid with each other in July 2017. Reed really is living out Rosalie"s dream.

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As shortly as Twilight struggle the big screen, pan swooned over Emmett Cullen (and countless still do). So, what"s Kellan Lutz approximately these days? (Well, beside from telling Entertainment Tonight that he and also Miley Cyrus never actually dated, contrary to what one Us Weekly report native 2013 led numerous to believe, that is.) You much better believe he"s enjoying married life.

In 2018, Lutz called Us Weekly the he has an "old school" approach to relationships, which supposed that he and his wife, TV and podcast organize Brittany Gonzales, "didn"t live together until gained married." According to Brides, the two preserved their engagement private for the many part, but announced they were married in November 2017. A pair months after your wedding, Lutz required to Instagram to share part wedding pics and also wrote, "It to be an exceptional 2017 mainly due to the fact that I acquired to marry my soulmate and also the love of mine life."

In 2019, Lutz and Gonzales announced they were expecting their very first child together. In November of that year, they unfortunately common the disastrous news the they shed the baby. Together a black and also white photo, Gonzales wrote, "Our sweet girl saw heaven and I yielded a baby at 27 main I"d never gain to meet." In September 2020, the pair announced top top Instagram the Gonzales acquired pregnant again. 

Jackson Rathbone, that Twilight fans know as Jasper Hale, finished up conference his wife right roughly the time of the last film. According to People, Rathbone began dating blogger Sheila Hafsadi in 2011, and also the couple welcomed their an initial child together in July 2012. By October 2013, the two were married and also Rathbone gushed around his mam to People saying, "It was among those things. I constantly said I thought in love at very first sight, but I never ever really had actually that feeling before."

The couple now have three children, and Hafsadi blogs about their family members on her site 6 + Boe. Looks favor Rathbone, who continues to work as one actor, discovered the actual life Alice to his Jasper!

And if Rathbone and also Nikki Reed play adoptive siblings in the Twilight films, they"ve actually become so nearby in actual life that Reed is the godmother the Rathbone"s firstborn. In September 2012, Rathbone required to Twitter come share a photo of Reed with his kid. "Lil" Monroe VI v his Godmother
NikkiReed_I_Am," the wrote. "Adorable."

Peter Facinelli got engaged after the Twilight movies

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While filming the Twilight movies, Peter Facinelli had seemingly found the Esme to his Carlisle, as he to be married to fellow actor Jennie Garth. But unfortunately, it wasn"t a lifelong romance because that Facinelli and Garth, as they break-up up in 2013 after around a dozen years of marriage. Facinelli speak to LaPalme Magazine (via People) around going with a divorce with 3 daughters in the picture. "As long as mom and also dad space happy, the children are happy," that told the magazine. "Anyone going through a breakup should know, youngsters need to check out mom and also dad happy. As lengthy as they recognize they"re happy, they understand they will certainly be okay." 

And because his split with Garth, Facinelli had other relationships in the spotlight. In ~ one point, that was involved to gibbs Jaimie Alexander, yet in 2016, E! News reported that they split and also decided come "remain good friends." A couple of years later, Facinelli got involved again, this time come girlfriend Lily ann Harrison. Follow to Entertainment Tonight, Facinelli and Harrison started dating in September of 2016, i beg your pardon was around six months after he break-up from Alexander. After ~ over three years together, People reported the Facinelli and also Harrison got involved in so late 2019 during a trip to Mexico. Both Facinelli and also Harrison common photos indigenous the special night top top Instagram with Facinelli, writing, "A magical night through this significant woman. A Perfect ending to 2019."

Before you got to understand him together Jay from The Descendants and Warpath from X-Men: days of Future Past, Booboo Stewart showed up in the Twilight film series as Seth Clearwater. He had a significant role in 3 of the films as a member that Jacob Black"s shapeshifting werewolf pack. And in real life, Stewart seems to be creating his own pack with his girlfriend Valentina Cytrynowicz, a musician that goes through Valentina Cy. 

It"s unclear precisely when this two started dating, however Stewart very first appeared on Cytrynowicz"s Instagram page in April 2020, as soon as they starred in a music video clip together. Due to the fact that then, the two have both shared lots of their sweet couple moments on social media. ~ above Stewart"s birthday, Cytrynowicz also referred come him together "my love." Stewart likewise frequently promotes Cytrynowicz"s music come his numerous Instagram followers.

And before dating Cytrynowicz, Stewart was attached to dancer Megan Serena Trainer— no, we"re no talking about the pop star Meghan Trainor. Trainer to be a dancer in the Descendants movies, and also Stewart played among the progeny in the films. According to Distractify, the two reportedly split around 2017, but it seems favor they room still on an excellent terms: Trainer ongoing to article on social media v Stewart, also after their reported breakup.

While the leader of the Volturi are exceptionally intimidating and also intense, Michael Sheen, who plays Aro in the Twilight films, couldn"t be much less like his character. (That"s acting for ya!) He"s charming and also hilarious, he"s obtained a big beard, he"s in a sweet partnership with his girlfriend, and also he"s a dad. A far cry indigenous the menacing leader of a vampire coven. As one Twitter user wrote, "omg you"re informing me Michael Sheen played ARO IN TWILIGHT ... I simply saw his IG and you would certainly never understand it lookin at that man now."

Sheen first showed up on girlfriend Anna Lundenberg"s Instagram page in might 2019, and also he"s been a staple of she account ever since. In July of that year, Lundenberg announced on Instagram the she and Sheen were expecting their first child together. Alongside a pregnancy pic, she wrote, "The universe has led me to whereby I am right now (with a bunch of energetic choices ~ above me and also my partner"s behalf, too, obviously) and I am important excited, terrified, thrilled, comforted and completely in love with what"s ahead."

By September 2019, the 2 actors welcomed your daughter Lyra. If Sheen isn"t active on society media, Lundenberg has ongoing to post adorable picture of Sheen and also their baby girl, call him, "the many incredible father this little ladybug can have request for."

The Twilight character James sure placed viewers ~ above edge, yet Cam Gigandet"s actual life couldn"t look sweeter. In the Twilight world, James was all about literally hunting Bella Swan, but in Gigandet"s world? The gibbs is all about hanging out through his family and taking cute photos.

Gigandet has been through actor Dominique Geisendorff for over a decade. He very first appeared on her Instagram page in 2012, however according to In Touch Weekly (via MTV), the two welcomed their an initial child together back in 2009. Because then, they"ve had actually two much more children together, making castle a family of five. Gigandet and also Geisendorff frequently show up together on society media, but they haven"t unable to do public through their official marital status. Some outlets like Daily Mail refer to them as husband and also wife, but People phone call Geisendorff Gigandet"s fiancé. Either way, the seems like these two are in it for the lengthy haul and also we love seeing all the picture of your adorable family!

Diehard Twilight fans recognize that the personality Victoria to be played through two various actors in the films. She to be initially portrayed by Rachelle Lefevre, but by Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard had actually taken end the role. And also as fierce and intense as Victoria is, Howard couldn"t seem much more opposite in actual life. As her Instagram shows, she loves coloring, reading, safety time with her children — oh, and taking selfies with her famous dad, Ron Howard.

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And her genuine life love story could be cuter than any Twilight storyline (sorry Edward and also Bella). Bryce revealed during a 2007 interview v Vulture that she and also her husband Seth Gabel are college sweethearts. The two met at new York University, acquired married in 2006, and now have two kids. She consistently shares throwback picture from your wedding day and college days, and all these year later, they seem together happy as deserve to be. 

"Love of my LIFE," Bryce created on Instagram as soon as wishing that a happy birthday in 2019. "The wonder of you astonishes me everyday – ns am the luckiest mrs on the world to call you my husband. Happy date of birth handsome." Vampire? an ext like vamp-awwww-re.