If the calls for 1/4 tsp it’s more than likely a quite potent ingredient, for this reason it requirements very specific measurement and I will usage a measuring spoon. If it’s fifty percent a tbsp, i might eyeball it depending upon the ingredient.

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I recognize where the measure up spoons should be, and also if they’re there climate great, we’ll usage em. However if lock not, well, posesthe it, we’re eyeballin’ this shit. I ain’t obtained all day. I mean, ns do, yet I ain’t wastin’ it organizin’ the kitchen.

Do I favor the stuff? Eyeball it and add a bit. Is that icky or am ns out? Skip that or usage something close.

For a quarter tsp., that’s a very tiny amount for this reason I will certainly measure that. Because that a tablespoon, I’ll just use one of my actual table spoons.

Depends what it is, if it’s simply seasoning or smell I’ll estimate it (1/4 tsp = 2 pinches), if the something crucial like yeast I’ll measure up it.

I’ll measure up it through the the 4 minutes 1 tsp. Uneven we’re talking garlic or chile powder, in which case I’m going to at the very least quadruple it.

Depends on what ns making.

For soup or stir fry, us don’t need no measurements. That all around flavoring come taste.

Baking, ~ above the various other hand, is an exact science and prone come catastrophic failure. Measure up is mandatory. And it’s a great idea come actually review the brand to be certain you have actually what friend think friend have. (Powder and also soda are not interchangeable…)


Baking, ~ above the various other hand, is precise science and also prone to catastrophic failure.

And then there is the cooking recipes of mine grandmother’s that says, “put in enough flour that the spoon stands up straight”.

If the heroin okay measure. If it’s weed I’ll placed in a complete teaspoon or “to taste.” If the shrooms or acid, sky’s the limit since you can’t OD on that shit. PS: i’m in Oregon.

tweezak also in Oregon, they have limits…

Under “Oregon measure 110 drug Decriminalization initiative” the was on the ballot a couple of weeks ago & approved by over 58% of the voters, you have the right to have approximately 12 grams that "shrooms (psilocybin), and also 40 hits of acid.

You can also have have up to 1 gram of heroin, 2 grams of cocaine, 2 grams the methamphetamine, and 40 Oxy pills (plus a few others.)

All for an individual consumption ns presume! (?)

BTW, be careful with the acid. You deserve to apparently OD. If a “recreational” sheep can variety from 100 to 200 mcg (that’s micrograms), the lethal sheep is report to be 320,000 mcg, or 320 mg, or less than 1/3 the a gram. And also that’s a lot less than 1/4 teaspoon!

ELJAY claimed Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 1:58am ET
ELJAY I’ve never done drugs of any type of kind other than alcohol and also I don’t also drink anymore. I guess friend missed mine weak attempt at sarcastic humor. As far as the stupid people who voted for 109 and 110, they can all OD as much as ns care.

tweezak said Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 2:07am ET
tweezak I gained your sarcasm, i was expounding ~ above it, and including some details that perhaps sheds some light right into what was yes, really going ~ above in the roads of Portland recently…

And i hadn’t even heard about Measure 109. So currently they are setting up dispensaries for “psilocybin-producing mushroom and fungi products”…


ELJAY stated Tue, Nov 24th 2020 in ~ 2:12am ET
tweezak from what i understand, psilocybin is just one of the ideal antidepressants around. Ns assuming that’s why they are acquiring a dispensary like clinical marijuana. I had actually read that if friend trip, you can go virtually a month there is no antidepressant pills.

RiotDemon said Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 6:56am ET
tweezak i bet if friend exercise, i.e. Go for a walk, run to your favorite songs, etc. Every work you could reduce or remove antidepressant pills too. Not certain dropping mountain is a good idea for long term depression remediation.

accelerator claimed Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 9:42am ET
tweezak True - acid messes through serotonin, not great for those at risk to depression.

macrorememberingsomer.com claimed Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 11:46am ET
tweezak My knowledge of measure 109 is that the psilocybin will just be easily accessible for administration by licensed specialists in clinical settings. No (legal) self-medicating.(I’m also in Oregon.)

macrorememberingsomer.com claimed Tue, Nov 24th 2020 in ~ 11:57am ET
macrorememberingsomer.com LOL!! If you review the complete text that the bill, the “clinic” is basically any type of building and the human administering the “treatment” need only be over 18 year of age and can just be forced to have a high college education. There is no medical oversight. This is a sham. It’s the camel’s sleep under the time on the way to shroom legalization similar to was done through weed (medical-dispensary-recreational). These space going to be this century’s minus dens.

tweezak claimed Wed, Nov 25th 2020 in ~ 3:42pm ET
ivannabc said Tue, Nov 24th 2020 in ~ 7:28am ET:

Baking: measure up precisely. Cooking sometime new: i’ll measure. Taste.Add more if needed and adjust. Food preparation something i’ve made repeatedly: rememberingsomer.com. Whatever. Eyeball it. Season exactly how I feel it needs it.

ivannabcI was simply gonna speak the exact same thing.

Star2236 claimed Tue, Nov 24th 2020 in ~ 8:38am ET
Star2236 i’ll ditto her ditto.

show_the_maw said Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 9:22am ET
Kenbo claimed Tue, Nov 24th 2020 at 9:12am ET:

I instantly look up the metric equivalent.

rockblossom said Tue, Nov 24th 2020 in ~ 9:21am ET:

Depends. Am i in a kitchen or a chemistry lab?

rockblossom because that me, it’s pretty lot the same thing. Friend see, ns a chemist (organic Ph.D., retired). Good lab skills are lot the exact same thing together mise en place. I use weights in grams for many of my cooking, so that I have the right to calculate calories accurately and also reproduce that which I have actually cooked and recipes consistently. It takes very little extra effort to perform this, once you have the skills. You also become very efficient developing your dish and a clean kitchen in ~ the same time. (And yes, I save a notebook as soon as I cook.)

A teaspoon (U.S.) is 5.9 ml or cc, if friend prefer. A metric tespoon is 6 ml. The said, a quarter of a teaspoon translated to load (mass) all counts on the mass density that what you are working with. The bulk density the say instant yeast (3g/teaspoon) and salt (6g/teaspoon) are fairly different.

But wait, yes more!

If your recipe referred to as for 1/4 tespoon of ghost star, aka neutronium, (density ~ 10^14 g/ml), this would certainly be 1.5 x 10^14 g or 150,000,000 metric tons. Going for a totality teaspoon would make a little of a difference at 600,000,000 tons. A small bit of neutronium as they speak goes a long way. It would smart choose heck if girlfriend dropped the on her foot, say.

So what if her recipe dubbed for 1/4 teaspoon of black color hole? provided that a black hole is may be a selfhood and has actually zero volume, we will for the purposes right here just assume that the event horizon radius will certainly be sufficient. A black hole with an occasion horizon volume that 1 cc would weigh ~6 x 10^27 grams (roughly the load of the Earth) or about 30 x 10^27g/teaspoon, give or take.

Why adding just a little bit too lot neutronium or worse yet black color hole could readjust your whole recipe, dontchaknowed? i beg your pardon is why us no longer keep one of two people our neutronium or black hole in a shaker any more. The is simply too easy to get lugged away and also sprinkle on also much.

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It take away a the majority of baking flour to do a neutonium biscuit increase and much more yet because that a black color hole biscuit. And also don’t get me began on cake or sour dough bread.