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1944 Jefferson Nickel Overview

The 1944 Jefferson Nickel, widely known as the Jefferson 5 Cents and also a Wartime nickel issue, featuring cutting board Jefferson, is a coin the is reasonably common and also is somewhat of attention to collectors with certain attention come coins v a high high quality strike, since dies were greatly overused transparent production.

This nickel category had a lengthy production run v the us mint that has not got to a conclusion. Very first minted in 1938 and also still being produced through the present, this architecture is a long-standing and also honored coin. Quiet being produced after 80 years, this style is a lasting testimony to one of the founding fathers, cutting board Jefferson.


In Denver and also Philadelphia, the top quality of strikes to be so low and also quantity for this reason high that there space still nickels uncovered in circulation from these mints. And although the common nickels native this classification do have adequate luster, minting v weak strikes bring about the double effect of mirroring incomplete centers incomplete and also exposed planchet marks the dies failed to smooth out.

As through all coins from the years complying with the good Depression, the wartime nickels to be widely saved by the roll once new, both by collectors and also others. As a result, no one of the coins are considered rare in uncirculated condition, though numerous rarities are known in the highest possible grade levels. Just 49 instances for every Wartime Nickels have actually been graded MS-68 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, and also none finer. Nearly a 3rd of these MS-68 piece were date 1943-P.

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1944 Nickel Proofs

No evidence sets were struck for Wartime Nickels. A typical proof is win at the very least twice and also Are encased in a safety capsule.

Valuing the 1944 Nickel

Roughly, this coins value, in median condition, deserve to be approximated to it is in valued at around $0.10, if a 1944 Jefferson Nickel in certified mint state (MS+) condition might auction because that as lot as $420*.