The study guide to the independent research course exercise Design and Development, includes the correct FEMA IS 139 Answers. Girlfriend might additionally want to inspect out our study overview to IS 120.C An arrival to exercises.

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Course Date

Course Overview

Through the use of this course, exercise routine managers have the right to learn to develop, execute, and also evaluate exercises that resolve the priorities developed by an organization leaders. These concerns are based on the national Preparedness Goal, strategy documents, threat and also hazard identification/risk assessment processes, ability assessments, and the outcomes from ahead exercises and also real-world events. These priorities guide the in its entirety direction the a progressive exercise program, wherein individual exercises space anchored to a common collection of priorities or objectives and also build toward boosting level of intricacy over time

Course Objectives:

Identify the basic components of an exercise programIdentify the varieties of practice as characterized by HSEEPDevelop exercise missions using clever guidelinesDefine the materials of MSEL developmentDescribe the audience and purpose of the vital exercise architecture and advancement documents

Primary Audience

Emergency management and homeland security professionals who require knowledge in exercise design.



From IS 139.A Exercise architecture and advance Official Course

FEMA IS 139.A instance QUESTIONS

Which factor to consider will help stimulate creativity with exercise development? A. Pick candidates that all have at least 5 years’ experience creating exercises. B. Pick candidates with comparable backgrounds and also expertise. C. Make sure all members have functioned at some allude for each vital organization. D. Ensure candidates come from various backgrounds.

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What part, made up of the detailed elements of a avoidance exercise scenario, need to remain constant during exercise advancement and conduct to ensure that realism is maintained? A. Risk assessment data B. Understand Scenario events List (MSEL) C. Multi-year Training and Exercise arrangement (TEP) D. Floor Truth

Which item(s) execute designers confront when plan exercises? A. Materials, People, equipment B. Time, Budget, limit C. Prop Fees, Liabilities and Risks D. All of the Above

An practice Scenario is an synopsis or design of the simulated occasions can be created as: A. Documents for submittal under the NDOA v.02 guidelines. B. A stare or portrayed by an event timeline C. A set of options for participants. D. As codes for procedures outlined for reference.

Which items is an instance of interaction enhancements? A. Bullhorn B. Web radio C. Monitors/Scanners D. None of the Above