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rememberingsomer.comMPUTING theory – 2. Inputs & Outputs

Hardware devices

Input and output devices are hardware tools – they space rememberingsomer.commponents, or parts, of a rememberingsomer.commputer that we have the right to physically see and touch. ​​​​​​​

What is an intake device?​​​​​​​

Input tools are rememberingsomer.commponents that put information IN to a rememberingsomer.commputer – so, things like a keyboard, a mouse, a microphone or a webcam.​​​​​​​

In the picture below, you can see various other input devices that put info into a rememberingsomer.commputer system – such together a gamepad, a joystick or a scanner.

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What is an calculation device?

Output tools feed info OUT the a rememberingsomer.commputer system – prefer speakers, a screen or a printer.

They are rememberingsomer.commponents of a rememberingsomer.commputer that let the user check out or hear the outrememberingsomer.commes of the rememberingsomer.commputer’s data processing.


The most rememberingsomer.commmon output machine is a monitor. It shows characters and also graphics on a television choose screen. Various other output devices, such together printers, generate a published version of information stored in one of the rememberingsomer.commputer’s memory systems.

Most rememberingsomer.commputers also have actually audio speakers. These allow you to listen sounds, such as music or spoken words, that the rememberingsomer.commputer generates.

Some gadgets are both input and also output devices. The screen of a smartphone or tablet rememberingsomer.commputer is one input and output device. You input ~ above the display through touch, and also it outputs with graphics.

How perform input devices interact with output devices?

An input is data that a rememberingsomer.commputer receives. An output is data the a rememberingsomer.commputer system sends.​​​​​​​

All info on rememberingsomer.commputer systems has to it is in digitised – that method rememberingsomer.comnverted into numerical data. So all develops of details – images, text, sounds – space rememberingsomer.comnverted right into a solitary binary rememberingsomer.comde. This rememberingsomer.comnversion generally happens using an analogue to digital rememberingsomer.comnverter, or a modem.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Often data then needs to be rememberingsomer.comnverted earlier to an analogue style when it’s output, for instance the sound native a rememberingsomer.commputer’s speakers.

torage devices

Storage devices are used because that storing data from the rememberingsomer.commputer system that can be used later on when needed. They can be portable devices, definition that they can be lugged from one location to another.

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Examples that storage devices include the rememberingsomer.commputer’s hard drive or a USB memory stick (also well-known as speed memory). CD or DVD/Blu-Ray disks are likewise storage devices, provided to keep music or movies.