It’s the concern that every beginning of the person drummer desires to know the price to: what north beats have to I learn? Which usual drum beats will enable me come jam my favourite songs choose a pro?

Whether girlfriend dream the rocking a stadium or simply want to begin a local band, it every starts v these standard drum beats.

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As a experienced drummer, i have picked the 10 instances that I usage most frequently in my work.

We’ll begin by looking in ~ the most typical backbeats (where the snare drum is play on win 2 and also 4).

Then, we’ll explore some the the more complex backbeats and also drum grooves out there, adding an ext variety and an obstacle as we go along.

And continue to be tuned, because I’ll be reflecting you at the finish of this article exactly just how to learn these north beats because that yourself.

If girlfriend can get a fixed on these ten north beats, you will do it be well on your method to ending up being a capable and also versatile player.

Whatever category ofmusic you love, there’ll most likely be a to win to suit you in this wide-ranging guide.

We’ll be looking ateverything from hip-hop come the blues, jazz come metal, and everything in between.

So without furtherado, let’s acquire started!

peak 10 common drum beats

See any drum beats that record your eye immediately? Jump directly to her favourite groove with the web links above.

Otherwise, let’s start from the beginning.

What better place to start than with the most famous drum beatof every time?

Standard 8th note groove

No drum beat is more iconic than the typical 8th notegroove.

In fact, it offers the foundation for most of the musicthat we listen to.

You’ll have actually heard it numerous times in pop, rock, blues,metal and a range of various other musical styles.

I’d be ready to ar a bet v you that this beat appears an ext in her playlist than any type of other.

To gain us started, let’s have actually a hear to what it sounds like:

If you’re reading this ~ above mobile, choose the ‘listen in browser’ option when listening to the win to do it easier to follow along with the article.

Then, take a look in ~ the infographic listed below that breaks down just how this drum beat works.


In a standard bar of music, we have actually 4 beats. That’s why our first job as drummers is to counting to 4 to bring the tape in at the begin of a song.

On to win 1 and also 3, you play the low-pitched bass drum. On to win 2 and 4, girlfriend play the high-pitched snare drum.

Keeping great time is your most vital job together a drummer,and the bass and snare room the an essential weapons that will certainly make you right into afirst-class timekeeper.

Great drummers relocate from base to snare in the same way that a pendulum moves from side to side.

This creates a feeling of motion that urges listenersto dance, absent out, and also get shed in the music!

Don’t forget the hi-hats

The final part of this groove is the 8th notes whichdrummers generally play on the hi-hat cymbal.

You can think of this 8th notes as the important glue thatholds the groove together.

Drummers play the hi-hat on all 4 beats and thespaces in-between.

So how does thatwork?

If you to be to counting the hi-hats out loud, you would count them as “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and”. This gives you 8 note in total, for this reason why this known as the standard 8th keep in mind groove.

If this all sounds a little confusing, don’t panic. Friend don’t need to be a rocket scientist to discover to beat the drums, you just need to take it action by step. 

If you’d prefer some straightforward explainer videos the take friend through everything you need to know, you deserve to click here to check out ours ‘Common north Beats’ course.

If you’re feeling so comfortable therefore far, let’s obtain on with the next groove and also hear our next musical examples.

Four to the floor

The 4 to the floor drum beat add to an extra level the funkiness come the standard 8th keep in mind groove.

Rather than simply playing the base drum on to win 1 and 3, thebass drum is now played on all 4 beats.

It’s THE groove you should learn if you desire to gain intopop, funk and disco drumming.

One essential track that you must listen to if you desire to hear a an excellent example that a 4 to the floor win is Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’.

Hear just how the drummer dram a base drum ~ above every beat and adds extra variety by improvising ~ above the hi-hat cymbal.

The consistent pulse create a rock-solid emotion to the music,which is exactly what we want to create as drummers!

In fact, working on your timing is the most essentialelement of ending up being a an excellent drummer.

Shuffle groove

The shuffle groove is just one of my personal favourites and also oneI’m sure you’ll be acquainted with.

This drum beat keeps the very same bass and snare rhythm together theprevious grooves but uses a unique and also quite brilliant cymbal pattern.

This cymbal pattern offers a triplet valuation to produce a bouncing feeling recognized as a shuffle.

How go it do that?

A triplet is consisted of of 3 notes, but in this track, it plays just 2 of the 3 notes.

Here’s just how it looks in paper music.


Can friend see how the two triplet note that are played space close together, and also then there is a an are in the middle between them?

This busyness, complied with by space, followed by busyness,creates a bounciness come the rhythm.

Here’s a real-life example for you.

Have a hear to Stevie beam Vaughan’s renowned blues track ‘Pride and also Joy’. Have the right to you listen the bounce in the cymbal rhythm?

Learning the shuffle is just one of the vital items in yourdrumming toolbox. Many of the legendary drummers of the past are renowned for theirshuffles.

In fact, we’ll cover some famous and super complicatedshuffles later.

16th keep in mind groove

If you a pan of hip-hop, R&B or classic rock, thenyou’ll love the next drum to win on ours list.

The 16th note groove is our busiest north pattern yet, with 4 hi-hats played for every bass and also snare beat.

These 16th notes are likewise known as semiquavers and areconsiderably harder come play than 8th notes.

But don’t cave up her sticks simply yet. You’ve got this!

To accumulate you, check out this great example that a 16th note groove.

Find out why drummers have voted it one of the top drumming tracks of every time!

Developing the 16th keep in mind groove win skills

To beat this beat, you’ll have to develop up her musclememory and also stamina.

Drummers frequently do this with a exercise pad, which allows youto practise the fundamentals the drumming there is no a drum kit.

I practice on a pad whenever ns not near a north kit andthis has actually helped me build the technical capacity to play several of my favouritegrooves.

Also, examine out the photo of sirloin drummer Neil Peart’s drum kit below.

Neil Peart’s drum kit

You recognize you’ve made it as a drummer when your north kitcompletely surrounds you!

I perform feel a little sorry for his roadie though.

12/8 groove

While north beats are frequently the loudest and also most noticeable element that a track, the truly good drummers room able to play with incredible subtlety and control.

One beat because that which it is specifically important come playdynamically (that is, the capacity to beat soft and loud) is the 12/8groove.

This groove is a standard accompaniment to ballads, slow rocktracks and blues tunes.

In these tracks, the drummer gently keeps time, providingspace for deeply moving vocal and also guitar performances.

For this groove, the drummer dram 3 hi-hats because that every bass and snare beat.

In effect, there room 12 8th notes, which gives the grooveits name.

One artist famed for making use of 12/8 grooves in his song isGary Moore, a personal favourite of expert guitarists.

DID friend KNOW? Drummers periodically use wire brushes to play song that space too breakable for drumsticks.

Motown drum beat groove

Motown is one iconic document label that developed much of the chart-topping music that the 1960s onwards.

If you space a fan of Stevie Wonder, the Supremes, Marvin Gayeor the Jackson Five, you’ll be listening come sound of Motown.

One an excellent drum to win that come out of the so-called Motown“hit-factory” was a to win that completely reinvented the typical 8thnote groove.

Rather 보다 playing the snare on just the 2 and also 4, thestandard Motown groove adds a snare to every single beat.

This gives a driving rhythm the pushes a song forwardswith a bouncy, upbeat feel.

Check out legend Motown drummer James Gadson demonstrating the typical Motown groove in the video clip below.

Reggae groove

If you’ve acquired this far through our expedition of our peak 10 renowned drum beats, you could be emotion overloaded v information!

Fortunately, the the reggae groove is much an ext chilled the end – less is an ext with this drum beat!

In a reggae groove, the bass drum and also snare are just played as soon as every 4 beats.

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We additionally do something supervisor cool top top the snare drum, a method known as the crosstick, which creates a one-of-a-kind metallic sound.