After a fiery vacationship (relationship you have while ~ above vacation) in Costa Rica, friend have due to the fact that returned residence only to discover yourself pining for the love you left behind.

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Or, maybe you invested the summer sipping sangria and sunbathing together the Mediterranean Sea through hostel mates that went ago to Madrid after you parted ways.

Whatever the scenario, we all understand what that feels favor to miss out on someone.

That hole-in-your-heart, sigh-inducing, blank-staring feeling that accompanies being apart and also wishing you to be together.

While obviously the best antidote for lacking someone is to check out them, the next ideal thing you can do is come express these feelings to them.

And if you room longing for someone who is now in Spain or what in Latin America, the most meaningful method to express this feelings is in their native language.

So, here is a rapid lesson on just how to do simply that in both Latin American and also Spain Spanish.

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Why You should Learn exactly how to speak “I miss You” in Spanish

To present someone girlfriend care

Whether it is a girlfriend fromCosta Rica, a long-distance lover in Chile or a examine abroad family members you bonded v while in Spain, that feels good to show civilization how necessary they are to you. Expressing our feelings is person nature, and doing so just strengthens our bonds and relationships through one another.

To be able to express her feelings toward someone in their aboriginal language

Even if the Spanish-speaking person you are lacking also speaks English, expressing your feelings because that them in their native language will certainly have a an ext profound effect. The truth that you took the time to learn just how to to speak “I miss out on you” in Spanish will additionally go a long way!

To further advancement your language level

Learning just how to express your feelings is a large component of obtaining language fluency. Learning how to speak “I miss you” in Spanish is another feeling you can inspect off your list the feelings you know just how to express in Spanish.

Since we have the right to miss a boyfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend or relative, and this feeling is a typical one, girlfriend will likely use “I miss you” in Spanish much more regularly than you could think.

How come Say “I miss You” in Spanish indigenous the Bottom of her Heart

“I miss out on You” in Latin American Spanish

Te extraño

This is the most common way to say “I miss you” in Latin American Spanish.

The expanded version that this phrase is te extraño a ti (I miss out on you come you).

A ti is an item pronoun and also is not essential to incorporate in this phrase.

A ti is just used for emphasis on that you miss.

Te extraño (a ti/a vos).— I miss you.

Regresa a mi lado. ¡Te extraño tanto! — return to my side. I miss you for this reason much!

Lo extraño (a él). — I miss out on him.

¿Qué tal está tu hermano? ¡Lo extraño! — just how is her brother? I miss him!

La extraño (a ella).— I miss out on her.

Veo que tu hermana se graduó de la secundaria. ¿Puedes decirle que la extraño? — I view that your sister i graduated from high school. Can you phone call her the I miss her?

Los extraño (a ellos).— I miss them.

Ellos boy mis amigos de mi semestre en México. Los extraño mucho. — These are my girlfriend from mine semester in Mexico. I miss out on them a lot.

Los extraño (a ustedes/a todos).— I miss you all.

¡Feliz Navidad a la familia Hernández. ¡Los extraño a todos! — merry Christmas to the Hernandez family. I miss everyone!

How come respond if someone states “I miss out on you” to you

You can either respond through saying:

Y yo, a ti.— and also I, you.

Yo también car extraño. — I miss you too.

It should be detailed thatin Argentina and some regions in southern America, it is much more common to usage vos.

Vosis used instead of to say words “you.”

In this case, you will hear te extraño a vos instead of teextraño a ti.

With that in mind, you would require torespond this method instead:

Y yo, a vos. — and I, you.

Yo también car extraño (a vos). — I miss you too.

Me haces falta

This way of saying “I miss you” in Spanish is no as commonly used, however it deserve to be used the same means as te extraño.

Mehaces falta approximately translates come “I am lacking you.”

As the Latin culture is traditionally really romantic, me haces falta is likewise at the forefront of plenty of heartfelt ballads favor this Jennifer Lopez song.


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How to Say “I miss You” in Spain Spanish

Te echo de menos

This is the most typical way come say “I miss out on you” in Spain.

The prolonged version is te echo de menos a ti (I miss you come you).

As mentioned in the section above on “I miss out on you” in Latin American Spanish, a ti is the thing pronoun and also is not important to incorporate in this phrase.

A tiis simply used because that emphasis on that you miss.

Te echo de menos (a ti). —I miss you.

¿Cuándo regresas, mi amor? te echo de menos. — as soon as are you comes back, mine love? I miss you.

Le echo de menos (a él).—I miss him.

¿Vas a la fiesta de cumpleaños de Miguel? Lo echo de menos. Dile “feliz cumpleaños” de mi parte. — room you going to Miguel’s birthday party? I miss out on him. Tell him “happy birthday” from me.

La echo de menos (a ella).— I miss her.

Tu hija está creciendo muy rápido. La echo de menos muchísimo. — her daughter is growing really fast. I miss her therefore much.

Los echo de menos (a ellos). —I miss out on them.

¿Cómo valve los niños en la escuela? Los echo de menos a todos. — just how are the kids doing in school? I miss out on them all.

Los echo de menos (a ustedes/a todos). — I miss you all.

¡Feliz Día de Reyes, Cristina! ¡A tu familia, también! Os echo de menos. — Happy 3 King’s Day, Christina! To your family, as well! I miss out on you all.

How come respond if someone states “I miss you” to you

You have the right to either say:

Y yo, a ti. — and also I, you.

Yo tambien dare echo de menos. — I miss you too.

Two various other Phrases That usage “to Miss”

Be cautious not to confused the paragraph te echo en falta and me falta through the above phrases because that expressing that you miss out on a human being that you treatment about.

Echo en faltatranslates come “I to be missing.”

Me falta translates to“I am lacking.”

These 2 phrases are provided to say the you are lacking someone in a formal setup (such as in a conference or a classroom) or the you have misplaced an object and room now lacking it.

For example:

Me falta Cristina en la sala de reunión. — ns am absent Christina in the conference room.

Me falta mi chaqueta. ¿La ha visto? — i am lacking my jacket. Have you watched it?

Now carry out not waste an additional minute—tell the human being or world you miss that you miss out on them!

Kaleena Stroud is a copywriter for B2B, eCommerce and online food creators. She has lived and worked as an Admissions Coordinator in ~ a Spanish language college in both Buenos Aires, Argentina and also Barcelona, Spain. She now lives in Barcelona and also runs an virtual writing firm found in ~

Download: This blog post is accessible as a convenient and also portable PDF the youcan take anywhere. Click below to gain a copy. (Download)

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