Tom T. Hall( cutting board T. Room ) i LoveLyricist:Tom HallI love little baby ducks, old Pick-up trucksSlow movin' trains and rainI love little country streams, sleep without dreamsSunday school in May and hayAnd I love you tooI love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friendsBirds of the world and squirrelsI love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pupsFind more lyrics at ※ Mojim.comOld TV shows and snowAnd I love you tooI love honest open smiles, kisses from a childTomatoes on the vine and onionsI love winners when they cry, losers when they tryMusic when it's good and lifeAnd I love you too

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Tom T. Hall( cutting board T. Hall ) miscellaneous 1Album songs1.A Bar v No Beer2.Country Cabin- Itis3.I Love (Modify)4.Country Is (1974)5.A mainly In A nation Jail (1969)6.Ballad Of forty Dollars (1968)7.Faster steeds (1976)8.Homecoming (1969)9.I choose Beer (1975)10.I care (1975)11.Old Dogs and also Children and Watermelon wine (1973)12.Shoeshine male (1970)13.Ravishing Ruby (1973)14.Monkey That became President (1972)15.Me and Jesus (1972)16.Year the Clayton Delaney passed away (1971)17.Your man Loves You honey (1977)18.Old next Of town (1980)19.Ballad of fourty Dollars20.Ballad Of fourty Dollars - (Storyteller, Poet, thinker - CD 1)21.Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine22.That song Is steering Me Crazy23.Back when We were Young24.Shoes and also Dress that Alice Wore25.Back once Gas to be Thirty cents A Gallon26.Day Drinkin"27.That"s how I obtained to Memphis28.Lost In Florida29.Big Motel ~ above The Mountain30.Whole most Love31.Old actions Die Hard32.Candy in the Window33.Forget It34.The child of Clayton Delaney35.Mysterious Fox that Fox Hollow36.I great I had a Million Friends37.Raking increase Leaves38.Promise and The Dream39.What A Song40.Do the To someone You Love41.Different Feeling42.Lovin" Arms43.Another Town44.Everybody Loves come Hear a Bird Sing45.Old Five and also Dimers like Me46.Willy the wandering Gypsy and also Me47.I Flew over Our house Last Night48.Salute come a Switchblade49.America the Ugly50.Hang Them every (Get the Guilty)51.I"m forty Now52.Spokane Motel Blues53.More about John Henry54.I like Beer55.Legend of The Lady Bear56.World according To Raymond57.Gone come Hell In A Basket58.St. Louis called A shoes After Me59.Ain"t obtained The Time60.Local Flowers61.Waiting top top The various other Shoe to Fall62.Way I"ve constantly Been63.Subdivision Blues64.Goodbye Cowgirl65.Who needs A Baby66.Happy Groundhog Day67.Song because that Uncle Curt68.Beauty Is A Fading Flower69.Whiskey Castles70.All you Want as soon as You Please71.Fox on the Run72.Pay No fist to Alice73.How to speak to a small Baby Goat74.Your date of birth Is75.Little eco-friendly Flower v The Yellow top top Top76.God Came through Bellville Georgia77.World The way I want It78.There Is A miracle In You79.Back as soon as The Old Homeplace to be New80.Over The Rainbow81.Harmonica Man82.Country Is83.Ole Lonesome George the Bassett84.Six O"clock News85.Trees In Philadelphia86.Ships go Out87.Halloween Is88.Looking forward To see You Again89.Royal Annie90.Too plenty of Do-Goods91.Sad track For mine Friend92.And ns Love you So93.Sky Blue True94.Lying Jim95.Thank friend Connersville Indiana96.When Nobody wants Your human body Anymore
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