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A plug-in card in a desktop computer that performs graphics processing. Likewise commonly called a "graphics card" or "video card," modern-day display adapters usage the PCI express interface, while earlier cards provided PCI and AGP. The screen adapter identify the best resolution, refresh rate and variety of colors that have the right to be displayed, i beg your pardon the screen must also be able come support. On many PCs, this graphics circuits are developed into the motherboard"s chipset. A different plug-in card is compelled only to considerably enhance rendering for video games or various other fast-motion graphic applications. Check out chipset.The graphic PipelineThe contemporary display adapter performs 2 operations. Very first is rendering, which move the graphic data v a collection of stages the creates the image frames and adds texture and also shading (see graphic pipeline). In the very first PCs, this was done by the CPU. Today"s screen circuits are sophisticated parallel processing computers all by us (see GPU).The second function continuously counter the calculation graphic patterns (bitmaps) produced in the RAM-based structure buffers right into signals because that the monitor"s screen.Digital and also Analog SignalsModern adapters output digital DisplayPort and HDMI signals. Earlier adapters (CGA, EGA, PGA, DVI) were also digital, and TV-tube-based monitors (CRTs) converted them come analog. Beginning with VGA in 1987, adapters sent out analog signal to the monitor; however, today"s monitors may incorporate VGA and also DVI inputs come accommodate larger computers. Top top laptops, the display screen circuitry has actually been digital from end to end. Watch shared video clip memory, just how to pick a computer monitor, CGA, EGA, PGA, DVI, VGA, HDMI and also DisplayPort.

Call the What?

Take your pick... Display screen adapter, graphics card, screen card, video clip adapter, video clip card, graphic adapter, graphic controller, VGA adapter and VGA card have actually all been terms for the plug-in board the creates the screen images. For a in-depth list of adapter resolutions, see display screen resolution.

Visitors offered to explore this ceiling-high combination display adapter and also sound card at The computer system Museum in Boston. (Image by FAYFOTO/Keith Quenzel; courtesy of The Computer background Museum, www.computerhistory.org.)

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Although a straightforward level of graphic circuitry is built into every motherboards, plugging in an exterior adapter is still required for gaming. (Image courtesy the NVIDIA Corporation.)