Does it average he has actually a like on you, or could be that something much more subtle? that’s the inquiry we’re going to explore in the overview below.

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We won’t just cover what it could mean as soon as a male is staring at you, we’ll likewise look at just how to figure it the end by looking at his human body language.

That’s right, you’ll essentially be a mind-reader by the time we finish this guide.

If you’re hope he does have a like on you, I must tell girlfriend a super-quick story that can inspire you to do the very first move ~ above him.

I actually provided to be disastrous at keeping a man’s attention in me. But that has changed now, and it all started as quickly as I began reading about a component of male psychology i m sorry is dubbed the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This primal element of the masculine mind has a substantial impact on just how he feels about the ladies in his life, and also it’s feasible to manipulate.

It would appear as if few people are mindful of the power of The Hero’s Instinct in ~ this time. Yet, learning about how the works has led to my relationships v men ending up being far deeper, much more loving and more meaningful.

You can learn an ext about my journey learning how to understand a masculine ‘Hero’s Instinct’ in this blog post.

Meanwhile, my body language masterclass – for guys who room staring at you – proceeds below. So, role down and also read on.


1 he is Staring with You2 the Is attractive To friend Sexually3 he’s Interested In You4 Your guy Friend Is Insecure

He’s Staring through You

A man might show up to be staring at you, but his gaze might be going with you. It’s common for people to carry out this as soon as they are daydreaming or lost in thought. Lock don’t also realize that they room staring in ~ you. Look at for indicators that he’s not purposely looking in ~ you prior to reading too deeply right into his gaze.

His eyes Don’t follow You

If he’s looking through you, his gaze more than most likely won’t change if friend do. Obtain up, walk to the restroom, and see if he proceeds to glance in your direction. If he no look away from the exact same direction, he wasn’t flirting through you.

Glazed Eyes

When people daydream because that a longer duration of time, their eyes often tend to look a tiny bit glazed over and also unfocused. Casually look in ~ him from the corner of her eye to view if he is shed in his think or check you out.

No Eye Contact

If he’s staring in the direction of you, however it has nothing to do with you, the won’t do eye contact. Males that space attracted effort to do eye call with women. To test this, merely look towards him. If his gaze move to meet yours, he’s no staring with you.

Consider The Background

If other cool is going on behind you, it’s common for a guy to check it out. Glance over her shoulder to watch if there is a street performer on the other side that the home window or a person behind you the he can be looking at. It’s usual to think someone is looking at you even though they are actually feather behind you.

He Is attracted To friend Sexually

If a guy is clear staring at you, he can be attractive to you. Staring is a guy’s an approach of checking out the package, and also determining if they desire to make a move. It’s additionally how men tell if you interested back. Because that example, if you capture him staring and also turn far from him, it’s a sign that you’re not interested back. Watch because that other signs that he is attracted to you to number out what he is thinking.

Body Language

Men relocate a certain way when they space attracted come a woman. Many of castle do not even realize that they are doing it. It provides it even simpler for us women to tell if they room interested in us, though. Watch the end for these points that men will potentialism do.

Legs Spread

When a guy is attracted to friend sexually, the will spread his legs. It can be since he requirements a tiny bit an ext room, or since he no realize the he’s law it. Men additionally do this to display off the goods, so come speak. If girlfriend let your eyes float a bit, it reflects him that you’re interested in other too.

Dominant Stance

The dominant stance is just how a man shows off his fertility. He’ll square his shoulders and also stick his chest out. He’ll also stand increase nice and also tall. When men take this stance, the is virtually always to display dominance. If a male does this while he is staring in ~ a woman, he’s absolutely sexually attracted to you.

Watch His Gaze

When a guy is sexually attractive to a woman, that won’t simply look into her eyes, hell take the time to enjoy the whole package. This can seem a little bit forward, yet most guys won’t do this unless they think you room interested in the same thing. If you’re do eye contact and also his eyes travel to his favourite asset, the a definite authorize that he’s sexually attractive to you.

These other signs that he’s sexually attractive to you might also aid you number out what he’s thinking.

He’s Interested In You


If you catch a man staring, it’s regular to assume the he’s interested, but that isn’t constantly the case. Once a person is insecure, lock are much more likely come stare at various other people. They are mentally comparing themselves to rather to make certain that they room acting the same way. How do you recognize if it’s since he’s insecure, though?

No Eye Contact

Insecure people also don’t usually choose eye contact. If he is staring but refuses to fulfill your gaze, he’s either yes, really shy or insecure. Inspect out the various other symptoms the an insecure male will show to check out which one the is.

Tucked chin, Slouching

When a human feels insecure, lock subconsciously shot to make themselves small. Most civilization don’t even realize that they’re law this. Instead of the confident activities that a guy will present when he’s interested, prefer sticking out his chest, you’ll gain the opposite. His gaze will be downward and his head will certainly tilt slightly downwards. Most insecure people likewise slouch when they sit. It can be difficult to gain a an excellent look in ~ his face, too.


Men the feel insecure normally act a little nervous about women the they like. Rather of paying fist to his face, clock his actions. He’ll fidget more, bite his nails, bite his lip, or may sweat. Once you’re nervous or uncomfortable, it boosts your heart rate and blood pressure, bring about things like sweating or a flushed face.

Hiding their Hands

When guys or women space feeling insecure, they generally don’t know what to do with your hands. This includes when who takes pictures or also when lock are just sitting there. Since of this, they shot to find something to perform with them, choose crossing their arms or tucking castle in in between their legs.

Men are Visual Creatures

If he’s no insecure, you can trust that he’s staring since he just likes the method you look. Men stare at ladies in public and also at home since they feel a feeling of attraction come something about them. It could be anything native your long legs and gorgeous eye to the means you get a twinkle in your eyes when you laugh. If you capture him staring and you don’t know him, opportunities are the he likes something around you.

He’s do the efforts To check out You

Sometimes, a man has currently decided he could like you, moved past the physical attraction phase, and also is currently trying to review you. The just thing going with his mind is wondering what she like. He can want to view how you react to particular things in a conversation so the he can silently referee your habits while identify if he desires to make a move. Particular zodiac indications are well-known for these thoughts going through their mind before they approach a girl. They desire to make sure that she the one because that them prior to they make a move.

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You’re The Love the His Life

When a guy has strong feelings for his girlfriend or wife, he could stare in ~ you, and it’s no a poor thing. Thoughts going v his mind could include how amazing friend are, just how you’re the one for him, or how happy that is that you space a component of his life. If you’re on his mind, he might stare at you without also realizing the he’s doing it. If it makes you uncomfortable, simply tell him.