Love is seen as a global language. Virtually everybody has to express love every day come someone. Specific languages are viewed as romantic, and Italian specifically is regularly referred to together “the language that love.”So.. Without more ado:

How come Say "I love you" in Italian 

Being able to say usual phrases to express love in different languages is a an useful trait come have. The Italian phrase for “I love you” is “ti amo,” i beg your pardon is similar to the Spanish phrase “te amo.” it is pronounced something like or . (Cognates favor these aid you find out faster. So if you deserve to think increase of a cognate, always do so!)

If you space planning a trip to Italy, knowing how to say the you love who is important, and also there are numerous different methods to execute so.

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In Italian, expressions of love deserve to either it is in formal or informal. They space either very basic or straight out of a fairy tale. Regardless of the situation, there are numerous ways come say “I love you” come someone vital to you.

Four Other means of to express Love in the Italian Language

Ti voglio bene - I love girlfriend a lot

Here, the conjugation of “ti amo” brings a expression to express just how deep one’s feel are. This unshened phrase can be used on a potential love interest or a household member or friend. It directly translates to, “I want good things for you.”

In our typical conversational English, we frequently would shorten this phrase. This is provided much much more frequently to native Italian speakers than simply, “ti amo.”


The Italian Frequency Dictionaries room a an excellent source if you want to learn Italian vocabulary effectively. They market 10,000 most common Italian words together with a translation, pronunciation and an easy grammar. What is more, you"ll find an example sentence translated into English in every entry.

Mi sento attratto/attratta da te - I"m attractive to you

For the romantics that the world, this phrase deserve to be offered to sweep someone off your feet. That the perfect method to recognize that distinct someone know how you feel.

This phrase is a combination of poetic and also straightforward. The suggest comes across while at the exact same time adding that extra spark.

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Ti adoro - i adore you

This is another very versatile phrase. It is fairly short and simple, and is taken directly from the root phrase “ti amo.” This deserve to be used either familiarly or romantically.

Perhaps you space talking come a friend around how lot you adore them. Probably you room talking come a love interest and also want them come know how deep her feelings run.

Either way, this is a staple phrase that deserve to be offered in many versatile situations. 

Ti amo papà/ti amo mamma - ns love girlfriend daddy/I love girlfriend mommy

Here, the expressions of love towards parents are quite informal contrasted to various other languages, such as Spanish. These are short phrases and also do not do lot to the root phrase “ti amo.” it is constantly important to remind her parents that you love them.

This video link will further aid with pronunciation:


These paragraph will permit you come let those about you understand your true feelings because that them. If girlfriend would favor to move someone off your feet, possibly writing a song or city in Italian v these expressions will carry out the trick.

It’s basic to get captured up in daily life, however it is necessary to remember come tell those girlfriend care around that friend love them.

Expressing your love in one more language simply shows how far you are willing to walk to express and prove those emotions!