I want to hear to my games, however not disturb anyone. Ns don"t have a pair of headphones, so I desire to double-check before I go gain some: execute they work with the XBox 360 controller?



You can use standard headphones to listen to video game sound, yet not by connecting them come the controller. You would should use a tv with a headphone jack, and also then jack into that.

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Some fancier headphones will certainly come with an optical hookup, which deserve to be connected to ago of the Xbox itself. I have actually a tortoise Beach rememberingsomer.com headset. It connects to the controller for the voice communications, and also the Xbox for the game audio.


No. The xbox 360 controller has actually a 2.5mm jack yet it is offered for voice interactions only, no video game audio. Headsets that carry both game and voice audio require you come plug straight into the TV or the xbox to obtain the game audio.



I"ve ordered a tiny gadet on Wish.comIt has a the same 2.5mm jack v pins top top one side, and then 2 3.5mm jacks because that earphones and also mic. Therefore yes, it have the right to be done with such an adapter. Otherwise, over there is an Xbox 360 headphone set with the specific aux cable necessary for the remote, through mic attached. Image contained of the adapter.(https://i.stack.imgur.com/FtEOJ.jpg)

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