But is the driver handy enough to open a door there is no a key? believe it or not, it is!

In this guide, we’re going to look in ~ six distinct and fairly simple methods to unlock a door through a screwdriver, including non-destructive approaches such together lock picking and also loiding.

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For most of these methods, a tiny flathead screwdriver will work best.

Let’s acquire to it!

How to pick a Lock through a Screwdriver

You’ve likely seen a movie or video clip game wherein the cunning protagonist pulls the end a screwdriver, pole it right into the keyway, and with nothing yet a wiggle, unlocks the door.

But just how realistic is this? deserve to you actually pick a lock through a screwdriver?

Sadly, you can not pick a lock making use of a single screwdriver. Screwdrivers are too big to fit right into most keyways and will do a bad job manipulating the internal materials of the lock.


Lock picking needs two different species of tools—a lock pick and a turning tool.

The lock pick is offered to manipulate the pins within the lock, if the transforming tool is offered to apply a rotational force to the lock, similar to turning a key.

While a screwdriver is pretty worthless as a lock pick, it deserve to be used as a turning tool! This gift said, girlfriend will need a driver that is small enough so that you still have room come fit a lock pick into the keyway. It will likewise need to be a flathead profile.

Alright, therefore we know that we can use a screwdriver as a transforming tool, however what can we use for a lock pick?

For an easy locks through wide-open keyways, you may have the ability to use bobby pins or paperclips. To handmade those tools, check out the adhering to guides.

However, bobby pins and paperclips i will not ~ fit into all keyways, in which case you’ll have to buy lock picks or do your own tools.

If you need to buy tools, i recommend picking up a rake form of lock pick—such as the Bogota or snake Rake.


Let’s to speak it is an emergency and you don"t care about the devastation of her door, doorframe, or lock, girlfriend can always resort to devastating entry.

One technique that you can use top top weaker doors is to try using your driver as a prybar and also leverage the door open.

If you have two screwdrivers you might leverage the door far from the doorframe, developing a gap large enough come loid the latch (previous method).

If the door is hollow and also wood, you deserve to always try poking feet in it v your driver as a desperate effort!

For more powerful doors, you have the right to brute force your method into the locking system of your doorknob and deadbolt and also manually retract the bolt.

This an approach however will fall short to doorknobs or deadbolts with shrouded covers.

If every else fails, girlfriend may have the ability to kick it down.

Alternative: speak to a Locksmith

Screwing with any kind of locks that are currently in use deserve to have part expensive consequences.

If you desire to play it safe and it is no an emergency, consider calling a locksmith. Doing so deserve to be significantly cheap 보다 accidentally break something.

Closing Thoughts

The preferred takeaway from this overview isn"t just how to open a lock through a screwdriver, but an ext so that defense is never ever really the secure in the first place. v a little creativity and patience, girlfriend can find your means around many security with an extremely little way to execute so.

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A screwdriver isn"t ideal, but in many situations, the will do the trick!

I hope that this guide helped girlfriend in every method possible and if girlfriend have any kind of suggestions to make it better, please think about reaching out!

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about lock picking and security, be certain to fall by my Academy for more free guides, and my lock pick shop because that your an initial beginner lock choose set.