A blind hamster is a little bit of a myth. Or is it ? Hamsters don’t have an excellent eyesight, yet are they really remote ? ns looked around, request a few questions, and also found the end if hamsters can see.

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My Teddy to be a little of a overview here, because I compared what I uncovered out v what I’ve watched Teddy carry out or how he’s reaction in the past. Here’s what I uncovered out about hamster eyesight.


So space hamsters remote ?

No, hamsters room not blind. They space born blind, like many animals, but they don’t continue to be blind. The eyesight in hamsters develops after a couple of days, yet it never really develops really well.

Hamsters have bad eyesight, however blind they space not. castle won’t notice you if you simply sit still, because they don’t perceive points that space farther away from their whiskers, or directly in former of them.

This also way your hamster can’t judge ranges or depth, in ~ all, and also he will certainly jump indigenous a greater level in his cage to take it a shortcut, and possibly pains himself. Or jump out of your hands, reasoning the cage is just a sneeze away.

Alright, therefore hamsters aren’t blind, yet they don’t view well either. Just how do lock navigate and also survive climate ? Let’s see.

Hamsters don’t rely on your eyes

Hamsters usage their various other senses much much more than they use their eyes. Also if her hamster becomes blind over time, the won’t affect him really much.

This is since hamsters don’t relay on seeing what’s in former of lock or around them, as lot as they count on hearing and smelling your environment.

If you’ve gained a blind hamster, you’ll an alert he’s gained the cage all memorized and also knows where to go and how come navigate.

There might be a couple of things you’ll have to gain out that his way that he could bump into, prefer toys that move (a see-saw for example) or bridges.

Other than that, a remote hamster will know where his food is, wherein is nest is, whereby the water bottle is, and also will identify your voice.

He might be a little nippy, however that’s about the only change people have ever reported around hamsters that turned blind.

A hamster has actually a great sense that smell

Hamsters use their odor for many things. Even if castle don’t see really well, hamsters have the right to still ‘see’ their surroundings.

Us humans don’t rely on smell as well much, however hamsters do. Her hammy knows her scent, knows the odor of the house, and also doesn’t prefer air fresheners too much.

This means that any solid smell will certainly be overwhelming for her hamster. Favor perfume, for example, which have the right to be method too solid for his sensitive tiny nose.

If you’re managing your hamster you have to wash her hands before. Depending on what you’ve excellent before, he could not choose the smell and also bite, or me could love the odor and shot to… well, eat her hand.

My girlfriend touched part cooked chicken once, wiped her hands top top a towel, and also went come pet the hamster. Teddy smelled the chicken and chomped under on she finger, and also she’s to be afraid the him ever since.

Best to stop that, and also wash your hands. Perform be mindful to usage non-perfumed, anti-bacterial soap. An too many floral or fruity soap can have the opposite effect and make her hamster think you’ve really got mango and coconut on your hands.

Conversely, hamsters absolutely dislike citrus. Teddy shies far from mine hand ~ I’ve peeled any kind that citrus. Even after ns wash my hands. He simply can’t stand the smell.

Hammies use their hear for virtually everything

Hearing is what hamsters use many in the wild to figure out if there’s predators about or not. Have you ever seen your hammy just freeze in place, v this focused, intense look top top his furry face ?

He’s listening. Veeery an extremely carefully, that knows when a fox can jump with the window to obtain him. Jokes aside, it’s funny v pet hamsters, but a life-saving trait because that wild hamsters.

There’s no fox or owl or snake trying to acquire to her pet hamster, but in the wild, his predators might be just roughly the corner. They make sounds, also when they’re make the efforts to it is in sneaky. Her hamster to know those sounds.

Hammies need some time to discover every sound in the home in order to feel comfortable and also not panic at every floorboard creaking. ~ a while they’ll protect against freezing as often, and be an ext relaxed.

They space hamsters, however, and also won’t really ever before relax.

Hamsters are sensitive to sound, however not the way you’d think. According to noises room not comfortable for your ears, yet don’t phase them much. They’re a little bit stressful, however they recognize what’s walk on.

So for example in a fireworks display screen it’s not the according to noises the scare them, however the bright, sudden lights.

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Whiskers and also touch aid hamsters ‘see’

Alright, so your hamster’s got superhearing and dog-level smell. He’s additionally got ‘the touch’.

I typical he sees v his tiny paws, and his whiskers. In the wild the hamster’s countless tunnels are pitch black and winding, for this reason he has actually to have the ability to navigate them somehow. The tunnels don’t hum, and also they don’t smell, so he has to see v his paws and also whiskers.

This also applies to his cage, add to the truth that he to know where whatever is since he’s memorized it. One of the reasons an altering up his habitat is a bad idea. Hamsters don’t choose change.

When it involves touch, he’s additionally sensitive to vibrations. He can sense lock both in his paws and his whiskers too. Even if you acquired out that bed really quietly, and made certain to not revolve on the light or step wrong, that still to know you’re up.

You every relocate is a tiny vibration, and he can sense that. No in a weird way, it’s simply his super-sensitive feeling of touch.

For example my Teddy keeps resting if I simply rummage in the room he’s in. Yet once i speak towards his cage, or stand there because that a couple of minutes, he come out. He simply knows I’m there.

Don’t do sudden movements about your hamster

If you were sitting down and also you suddenly move, opportunities are your hamster only simply noticed you to be there. And panicked. Hammies space not really bright, and they’re an extremely easy to scare unfortunately.

This way that also if you’re not trying to scare her hamster, you probably still did. Part hammies space extra jumpy and also panicky, and also will scamper away if they view or listen anything new.

But, you can make sure you don’t scare her hamster girlfriend by not moving suddenly. That means that if you’ve acquired business about his cage, move a bit slower than usual.

Try not to turn roughly too fast, and also make your activities slower, deliberate.

Another point that help is to talk to your hamster if you’re close to his cage, so he knows your basic position.

Hamsters are an extremely sensitive to light levels

The last warning about a hamster’s bad eyesight, sunlight harms his eyes. The light is much too harsh for him, and also actually painful.

You view hamsters space nocturnal animals, which way their eyes simply can’t take care of the lot of light in the daytime.

Unlike cat or humans who have the right to regulate just how much light enters their eyes, hamster eyes space not as adaptable. Your pupils carry out adjust, however not by much.

This way that the ideal time for a hamster to use his restricted eyesight is dawn and also dusk. The irradiate levels space low enough that his eye don’t hurt, however high sufficient that he deserve to see.

That being said, hamsters have very poor eyesight, even at night. Yet they don’t necessarily require the irradiate on, or a nightlight at that.

Just think of your hamster as your cute, fluffy, exceptionally near-sighted friend who shed his glasses.

A word indigenous Teddy

I hope you discovered what you were looking for in this article. I recognize us hammies deserve to be a bit clumsy at times, and we don’t see an extremely well, no. However we’re no blind. We can end up being blind through old age, or an illness, for this reason we count on you to aid us there.

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