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September 14, 2008

for this reason this American Dagger Moth caterpillar (I think)  made his or her method along Betsy's driveway while we sat exterior last weekend talking. I put it in Aidan's butterfly tent the we used to hatch part Painted women (or Pink Ladies, in Aidan speak) end the summer.

I wanted to look up the caterpillar on the internet so we could identify it. While that ns took to execute this, the caterpillar do itself rather at home. I discovered that this small creature will certainly most most likely want to winter over. I really make the efforts to gain her out however she wouldn't budge so i guess she might be below to remain on our ago porch because that the winter.

We placed a sheet in for eating and a wonderful stick for making a cocoon. She walk under the leaf and made she cocoon and we can't view her in ~ all. I'm hope I can share a snapshot of her with wings in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, ns will carry out so in the spring!

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We are in the Niagara an ar of Ontario, Canada. We space a homeschool household so once we found one of this caterpillars, we took the opportunity to research it. When i wasn't looking, my daughter "petted" him and also most of the hairs come off, however luckily she had actually no reaction. Ns noticed, from getting some the the hair on myself, that the hairs room slightly barbed - it grounding in my finger and became itchy come me...

We constructed a habitat for him through a piece of tree bark and leaves. The next morning, he was "gone". He had actually climbed under the item of bark and also built a cocoon - Overnight ! it to be amazing.

Our worry was - is the still alive? and also after reading your notes, we feel much better to recognize that he will most likely remain in the cocoon until March/April.

We have actually been keeping a journal v photos and observations. This is one lengthy science job !! but we are all excited because that the results...

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Wow Jessica - you've excellent a lot of research. We left our man on our ago porch wherein he/she continued to be for 8 months. I wrote around it here:

Thanks for sharing this extra information!



I apples that ns am writing this post so long after it initially started... Yet I figure that what I've experienced, may aid others who ultimately come across this!

First thing... I will give u a brief background:

- around 2 months ago, ns was walking thru mine front yard (Central NY), & happened to glance down to check out that i was about to action onto other bright yellow, & relocating as if it had actually a mission! i glanced at it because that a couple of minutes, since I had never seen anything prefer it before! ns was curious, & want to do more research ~ above it, for this reason I put a container in front of it's path... & it walked appropriate in. Ns didn't feel comfortable touching it, due to the shining color, the hair, & the much longer black hair patches the r meant to resemble "thorns" (those r usually indications that the animal/insect/etc could be poisonous to the touch (the hair), can bite, or might sting... For defensive purposes), therefore I put some leaves & twigs in the container, proved my 3 children what "mommy found" briefly, took part pictures, put a breathable lid on peak of the container, & put him in the the shade on my porch, while ns went to research study what I had actually found. After ~ a most reading, I evidenced that it remained in fact, one American Dagger Moth Caterpillar... I review on, to find out much more information around them: - there is a lot of conflict on even if it is or not these caterpillars space in truth dangerous in any way. There have actually been many cases of human being having allergic kind reactions to the fur itself (from where their skin came in call with the fur, every the method to full body symptoms... Depending upon the human & how their human body reacted), like swelling, hives, etc. I additionally read around dogs & other pets who made decision to eat 1 the these tiny guys, & lock were later at the vet w/ symptoms comparable to eating something poisonous. Then, there to be some cases of people being "bitten" &/or "stung" through this form of caterpillar... Yet out of every little thing I read, there was no 1 solid item of evidence or any form of clinical proof stating that any type of of these cases were valid. So, as a suggestion... Perform not manage these caterpillars (better to it is in safe than sorry)! - Not even 24 hrs after put the caterpillar into captivity, that was already working top top his cocoon! There have actually been some comments about people becoming worried if/when the caterpillar they r observing: 1) starts to shed it's yellow hair What ns say now, is strictly based upon my monitorings & suffer with the American Dagger Moth Caterpillar the I currently have. As soon as he was acquiring ready to begin his cocoon, that did shed off most, if no all of his yellow & black color hairs. Lock were almost everywhere in the container, & ns too ended up being slightly worried about it! But, then i noticed that he was actually making use of the hairs along with the silk/web, to build his cocoon! the definately makes sense because that them to execute that, specifically if your hairs do possess miscellaneous that can be supplied as protection. Also, u have to keep in mind that they r only hairy as caterpillars... & no moths. So w/ the said, the hair have to be shed from your body at some point, before coming to be a moth, right? 2) starts to turn (or becomes) green in color... Rather of the yellow & black even though the caterpillars r yellow & black at 1st glance, if u were to location them top top their earlier (so u might see your "legs" & the "belly")... Those r actually eco-friendly in color! Which way that underneath all that yellow & black hair, is a environment-friendly body. So, once & if the caterpillar does begin to burned it's hairs prior to the cocoon stage, & u occur to see him "naked" so to speak... Then yes, u will certainly be looking at a greenish fancy caterpillar. It doesn't me the is starving, sick, diseased, &/or dying... For this reason u don't need to worry about that anymore. The just method that the will shortly be moving to the next stage! 3) doesn't eat something u location in it's habitat This dram a significant factor as to when u uncover the caterpillar, & exactly how close he is to making his cocoon. If that is still cultivation & shedding his "old suit" for the brand brand-new 1 underneath, that will administer him much more room because that a tiny while... Then yes, he need to be eating rather often, and also quite a bit! This is bc he is still growing, & needs to eat in stimulate to gain to where he needs to be before the cocoon stage. So, just make certain that u r offering him w/ lot of of his favorite leaves! Now, if u r like me... & not uncover the caterpillar until he is complete grown, plump, & obviously ready to begin his following stage the life... Climate no, if the does eat anything, it could not even be enough for u come notice! If that is in ~ this stage tho... U will desire to make certain to administer twigs & pole (w/ the bark still attached) to him. Not only will this give him options as to wherein he deserve to construct his cocoon... However u may also see him eating the bark turn off the twigs/sticks (or notice the bark "disappearing" turn off of them), bc research shows that eat bark right before making the cocoon, helps your body to do the silk/web essential for the job! So, it's not that he is hungry however doesn't choose the food u have actually provided... It could be simply as simple as genetics & just how nature works! :) 4) starts a cocoon on the bottom of the habitat, or in the leaves As lengthy as the ar of the cocoon is effectively made, sturdy, & safe... Climate it yes, really shouldn't issue where they decide to construct it! mine caterpillar chose to carry out a small component of it on the bottom the 3 separate (but bunched together) sticks... & the rest was perfect on the bottom of the container (partially on a leaf, & partly on the bare bottom). Because of this, the side of the cocoon the was laying top top the bottom of the container, is created w/ only a really thin layer of webbing (so thin, the u have the right to actually see rather inside the cocoon... However thick enough to carry out what it's expected to do)! So, if he is comfortable & happy... Then just leave him where he lies, bc if u carry out attempt to relocate him, u can do more damage than good unfortunately. 5) appears to have an "extra layer/covering" that a thinner web material exterior the yes, really cocoon itself ns really don't think this much matters... My caterpillar make the very same thing, native what it sounds like. & it simply kind that looks choose he do a thin barrier about where he to be going to construct the cocoon, as sort of a security net when he to be still exposed & delicate to predators. I've noticed again, the this thin layer neighboring the cocoon, has actually the yellow hairs scattered throughout it... Again, as tho he was doing it for protection! 6) etc...

- even though it has actually been a couple months because the cocoon was made, & the caterpillar is still in there... W/ no authorize of emerging yet... I type of curious as to when that day will certainly come? W/ it currently being September, & it's starting to cool down fairly a bit (w/ the NY eye season just roughly the corner), I'm starting to wonder if he will hold out til winter? & if the is the case... I will obviously have actually to lug him at home soon, however not sure if there is something else i would have to do? Guess i still have much more research come do! If anyone reading this tho, deserve to answer any of these concerns for me... By every means, you re welcome do! give thanks to u for analysis this, & ns hope i answered some concerns for u! ;)