​How to stuff a Bra

There is no specific science, per say, as to how come realistically ingredient a bra. But, there room a plethora that foolproof approaches to quickly and, more importantly, non-surgically improve your chest to acquire the desired effect the va-va-voom curve a la Jessica hare style. The an enig sauce is every in the techniques and also materials offered to acquire the most realistic look.

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Whether you room a 32A or 38DDD, any and all of these methods deserve to work because that you – bra stuffing is for everyone (heck, even models and also actresses are known to stuff your bras because that red carpet events!). Just be open up to trying out to see which an approach is most comfortable and also intuitive to you, as a an excellent alternative to finding the top push up bras to rise breast size.

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Just remember, bra stuffing is basic and straightforward to do. You can incorporate any number of these methods; combining two techniques or simply mastering one. There is no best or wrong method to approach how come stuff her bra as your end goal is to get the most organic looking “oomph” added to her bust line!


Other species of inserts can be make of plastic, rubber, foam or also water fill pads. If you execute opt because that the silicone, plastic or rubber inserts, they will have a bit an ext weight to them as they space made come mimic a real boob. Therefore, they could risk falling the end underneath the cup if the bra is too loose in the band.

Make certain you space wearing the correct dimension band the does no create earlier bulges, otherwise, you have the right to opt for underwire bras instead.

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The applications for the insert an approach is the same as the amount say method. Ar the insert inside your bra, positioned low and tilted inward.

Some silicone options will have little molded nipples, and can act together a pointer of wherein the insert should sit on her boob. Re-adjust the insert as crucial to achieve a smooth and also natural curve.

Lastly, do one last test in the mirror through your height on prior to heading out the door!

The Insert or Falsies method RecapLevel the difficulty: Easy. Just insert and also GO!Cost: Can variety and is the an ext expensive method on this list. However, completely worth it as they are straightforward as pie come use, reusable and washable!​Enhancement Factor: entirely customizable based on size desired.

The organization Method

Who isn’t having flashbacks to high school when thinking about how to stuff a bra through tissues? when the tissue an approach isn’t the best method, this IS a genius method in a pinch if the over methods room not accessible or friend are trying to find a small enhancement.

The tissue stuffing technique is similar to the sock stuffing method. Start with a small handful that tissues, urgent in fifty percent or wadding increase into loosened balls and placing them within the cup of your bra. Proceed stuffing till the preferred fullness, smoothness, and also natural boobilicious form is achieved.

If you have a bra that has a little insert pocket in the cup, friend can likewise utilize this in the same means you would a pocket, placing the tissues in the insert to store them “tucked away” nicely.

As you will notice, there are a few downsides come this method. Primarily, if friend are looking for a big size increase, tissues just don’t have the thickness to organize a big shape. Secondly, moisture and also sweat additionally can cause pilling, scrunching or the tissues will simply loss apart.

Do proceed with caution v this an approach and save an eye on your stuffing transparent the day/night.

Tip:If you space going to use this method, rest assured you can constantly easily re-stuff as needed no matter where her night/day bring away you. Toilet file or tissues can conveniently be discovered everywhere. Just make sure to double check you are all “tucked-in” prior to heading the end of the loo!

The Tissue method RecapLevel of difficulty: medium to hard depending upon how numerous tissues used and also achieving the correct as whole luscious boob-shape.​Enhancement Factor: Minimal

The twin Bra Method

The vital to this an approach is in the choice of bras provided to layer. The is finest to rod with just using 2 bras and also look because that bras that have built-in or foam-insert padding. Push-up bras paired through strapless bras work ideal for this method!

The goal is to include volume in her cup dimension with the the very least amount that thickness around your ribcage.


Start layering with strapless bra very first and put it on together you generally would. Then add the padded push-up bra on top of the strapless bra. Reposition the bra cup so lock match, and also finish through smoothing the bands on peak of one an additional so over there aren’t any uncomfortable bunching or pinching around your ribcage or back.

For preferably cleavage results, bring straps into an “x” on your back, making use of convertible and flexible straps, a safety pin, paperclip, or bra clips.

If friend are trying to find ways to appropriately stuff a D bra, this is a great method together it is really secure and easy to customize the size and shape of your enhancement. The layering of 2 bras offers added support for larger chests, and you have the right to always add other approaches such together socks or silicone inserts for even greater enhancement, if desired!

The dual Bra an approach RecapLevel that difficulty​:​​​Easy peasy!​Cost: just the expense of the initial bras used.​Enhancement Factor: Minimal to va-va-voom!

The DIY Insert Method

If you space a little bit crafty in her sewing an abilities and desire a customizable, reusable technique without security a ton of money, climate this might be for you! because that this method, you will be developing your very own bra inserts from items girlfriend should already have lying around the house.

Here space some easy to monitor steps:

Gather adhering to materials: sewing kit, stuffing product (foam, old sock, noodle balls, etc.), and material to make an insert pocket (like a sock or old flannel shirt; anything soft together this will certainly sit against your breast inside her bra).Measure one chest both horizontally (x line) and vertically (y line) to gain insert dimension measurements.Transfer this measurements to insert the pocket product by drawing a cross through the horizontal X heat equaling your X measurement and the vertical Y line her Y measure up minus 0.5 inchesDraw an evenly shame oval about the X and also Y lines and also then cut this out (this is your pattern for the bra insert). Repeat until you have actually 4 piece of towel cut out(aka: If friend measured 2.5 inches, your attracted Y line will certainly be 2 inches).With cloth inside out, sew 2 piece of cloth together approximately the perimeter leaving a tiny opening on one side. Repeat for other two piece of cloth.Turn material inside out and also begin stuffing using your selected stuffing material.Customize just how thick or thin you would favor padding come be by adding or subtracting just how much stuffing you use.

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Sew increase the hole and you’re done!

Viola! A new DIY insert you have the right to use with any kind of of your bras!

​The DIY Insert method Recap:Level of difficulty: tool to hard, relying on your sewing skills.​Cost: Minimal, if you already have every the products lying approximately to upcycle​Enhancement Factor: Minimal come va-va-voom!


Now that you have actually learned some of the best foolproof approaches for stuffing a bra, you can see that variety and choices in size are countless and completely natural looking. It is in it a night the end on the town, stuffing a bra for the special guy or because that that certain outfit that simply needs a little more, bra stuffing is yes, really easy!

Finally, the application of these tricks have the right to be used by all herbal boob sizes and skill levels. Even if it is you space a size AA, DDD, have actually been stuffing your bra because that years, or this is your first time purchase falsies, there room tips and also tricks because that everyone and all ability levels!

With simply a couple of clever tricks and also minutes in former of a mirror, anyone have the right to be a bra stuffing expert. But, shhh… us won’t call anyone!